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Casino Bonuses

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Jewels, Jul 19, 2014.

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    Casino Bonuses

    By Amberly Ashton

    When you gamble online you have the opportunity to take advantage of different kinds of bonuses. I will admit, once you claim your first bonus you will probably be hooked. So don't say I didn't warn you! When you stumble upon a bonus you can use, it's like walking down the street and someone handing you free money because that is exactly what it is, free money! Who doesn't love free money?

    Sign Up Bonuses

    When you first start gambling online the first bonuses you will use is a no deposit sign up bonus. These free bonuses are available for new players who have never played at their casino before. Casinos offer these to get a player into the door. There for you to try out their casino and experience the games they have to offer. Normally, it's a flat rate amount and will have a playthough percentage attached. Once you make playthrough (the amount of the bonus times a certain percentage) you are free to request a withdrawal. The majority of these bonuses have a maximum amount you can withdrawal. It's usually five or ten times the amount of the free chip. Once you claim your first sign up offer you will be thrilled to know that you can do this at almost every online casino.

    Free Spin Bonuses

    Recently casinos have been enticing existing players and sometimes new players with a no deposit free spin bonus. When you claim this kind of offer you will be awarded a set amount of free spins on a game the casino chooses. These work differently then a regular no deposit bonus. When you claim this offer the bonus you receive is left up to chance. After you play your free spins, you can have a bonus bankroll of mere cents (which has happened to all of us) or thousands (and yes I have seen it done but no to me). After you complete your free spins, whatever is left in your account is yours to play any games you want. Of course there will always be a playthrough amount attached. Keep in mind the casino will usually state in the terms and conditions that certain games are off limits, so educate yourself so you don't void any winnings.

    No Deposit Bonuses

    This is the most common bonus you will see online. Casinos generously offer them to their loyal players. You can find a ton of them published daily. You never know from one day to the next what will be offered so it is always a pleasant surprise when you are able to claim one of them. No deposit bonuses are when the casino gives you a certain dollar amount to play their games. Of course, watch for excluded games. To me these are a tad bit more exciting because it's up to you to turn this bonus into a massive amount. The bonuses can be as low as five dollars but can go into the hundreds. They also have a set amount you can withdraw but it is free money none the less. Just make sure you know the terms because most casinos require that you make a deposit in between each no deposit bonus you claim.

    Free Play Bonuses

    Thankfully, you don't see these bonuses offered as much as you used to. These are my absolute least favorite bonus and I do not waste my time with them. Basically, the casino will credit your account with a dollar amount and give you a certain amount of time to play the bonus. In other words, once the bonus hits your account the clock starts and when it hits zero your play time is done. If you meet the casino's playthrough requirements then your ending bankroll can now be added to your next deposit. In essence, these are merely deposit bonuses so always know the difference. There is nothing worse then thinking you are playing a standard no deposit bonus to discover in the end it was a free play bonus. To me there is nothing free about this type of bonus.

    Cash Back Bonuses

    Cash back bonuses, when offered, give you a second chance. They are not just handed out. You have to make a deposit before you can claim this bonus. It's a way the casino gives back to you, the player, when you were unsuccessful in making a withdrawal from your deposit. I enjoy these because usually when you lose you are not ready to quit playing. These bonuses make you realize that your deposit is now gone and give you one more chance to win. They also help keep you from hitting the deposit button again when you lose. It's like a cool down bonus but you never know, the odds could be in your favor.

    As you can see the possibility of receiving free casino cash is limitless. These bonuses are offered everywhere. You can find them in your email inbox (mostly in your spam folder), on the casino webpage, in the casino software itself and on sites such as the No Deposit Forum that specialize in bringing you these daily. Bonuses are always fun to use when playing online. It's how the casino gives you an added incentive to keep you coming back and it works on me every time!
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