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Pinterest For Beginners

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Jewels, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Jewels


    Pinterest For Beginners

    By Amberly Ashton

    If you have never checked out Pinterest than I'm sure you've been wondering what all the hoopla is about. Pinterest is a social networking site that's similar to a bulletin board. This is where you pin (another word for post) all your favorite pins. Pins are visual bookmarks that you can come back to at anytime as long as you pin it to your board. Pinterest may be a little overwhelming at first but once you get started it can keep you entertained for hours. Pinterest caters to all interest. No matter what yours are you will find a ton of pins on that particular subject.

    You have several different options when looking for pins. You can click on the left upper corner and search by category such as DIY, Food & Drink, Travel, Holidays & Events and even Tattoos! If you are looking for an item and you don't want to browse you can also type it into the search box at the top left corner of the page. Once you find something you like or want to try just hit the red pin it button on the left upper corner of the picture. This is called repinning. Repinning is pinning another pin that is already on pinterest. You can pick which board you want the pin to go under on your pinterest page. You'll want your pins organized which helps others find your pins.

    If you download the pin it button you can pin anything you find on the internet. No more searching for that recipe you forgot to write down. Pinning this way is simple! Just hover your mouse over the picture you want to pin and click the pin it button. Say you're on pinterest and see a unique DIY gift that you just have to make for your niece you can click on the pin (picture) and checkout all the other pins they have under the same board as the pin that sparked your interest. Now you can just pin away.

    My personal pinterest page is made up of my favorite male actors that I adore, photography ideals, DIY, Halloween, Christmas and Recipes just to name a few. There is no limit on how many items you can pin or how many boards you can have. To me pinterest is like google but with pictures. Say you're searching with your daughter for styles of prom dresses. If you are just searching the web you will find stuff you weren't interested in. This is a major time waster. If you would just type it in on pinterest in the search bar you will find exactly what you're looking for the very first time. Tons and tons of prom dresses will easily be at your disposal. If you have a hobby or interest I encourage you to sign up for a free pinterest account. You'll find fellow collectors and information that you never knew existed. I use pinterest for my job and personally on a daily basis. Pinterest didn't become one of the top social media sites for nothing. Pinterest is by far my favorite site and I think if you gave it a chance you would enjoy it too.
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