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At least there is one nice support operator/My conversation with casino desk agent Amaud

Discussion in 'POSITIVE ONLINE EXPERIENCES' started by SPADEAHOLIC, Jun 16, 2010.


    SPADEAHOLIC Thinks Too Much

    Ok we all have our bad support operators but Amaud was fun and I aint telling till the end of this confo what he gave me lol Connecting to server... [Welcome Message]Welcome to the Support Desk. An operator will be with you shortly. Please have your account number ready. Waiting for available agent...Found available agent: Arnaud .  You can chat now. Arnaud : Hi Mitch Vierra: Hi AmaudMitch Vierra: did you see my question?Arnaud : No Mitch Vierra: 7sr32598866 Mitch Vierra: How much loyalty points did I have and what tier or level was I on b4 the US change over? If the rewards are now automatic how come I have never seen any comps from what I had let alone free spins?Arnaud : Kindly hold for me while I am going through your account .Mitch Vierra: np tyvm sirMitch Vierra: ?Arnaud : I am still checking Mitch Vierra: ok I just keep getting a pop up asking if I want to keep chatting lolArnaud : Loyalty balance before the new software : 3073Arnaud : Tier SilverMitch Vierra: so is there no level anymore?Mitch Vierra: tier*Mitch Vierra: and have I been credited that 3073 yet?Mitch Vierra: I know your busy take your time sirArnaud : The pts can only be redeemed automatically from 5000 Mitch Vierra: oh I didnt see were it said thatMitch Vierra: okMitch Vierra: last questionArnaud : yes Mitch Vierra: am I suppose to be using http://www.fortuneroom.com/ software not the 7sultans?Arnaud : Your casino account number is kept the same Mitch Vierra: so i can use ether orArnaud : What would you use the software for ?Mitch Vierra: well I got an email from casino desk saying Mitch Vierra: To access the new provider software and login, using your above account number, you need to download and login to the software available from:Mitch Vierra: http://www.fortuneroom.com/ Mitch Vierra: yet I can log into 7sultans fineArnaud : You can go to Arnaud : your casino web site and the system will directly to the Fortune room web site Mitch Vierra: ok but its like a hole other casino download called fortune room onlineMitch Vierra: just asking if I should be using the furtune room online casino or 7sultans or does it matter?Arnaud : Fortune Room is part of Fortune lounge group Mitch Vierra: trying to determin wither to deposit at casino share ,vegas partner , or this casino fortune room group , or villentoMitch Vierra: this hole us thing sure messed thing up lolMitch Vierra: ty Amaud I have takin enough of your time broMitch Vierra: go get some coffee or tea w/e on meArnaud : I was actually enjoying interacting with you Mitch Vierra: lolArnaud : COffee ? lolMitch Vierra: coolMitch Vierra: lmaoMitch Vierra: got a beer here if thats betterMitch Vierra: but I aint sending it over to you last time I tried that fryed my modemArnaud : Beer while i am at work bro Arnaud : I will get fired Mitch Vierra: lolMitch Vierra: but you would be even more plesent to talk toMitch Vierra: lolArnaud : lol Arnaud : drunk Mitch Vierra: lmaoArnaud : do you watch football ( soccer) ?Mitch Vierra: ok my friend your the best support I have ever talked to ask for a raiseMitch Vierra: go GERMANYMitch Vierra: got $100 bux says they go to finalMitch Vierra: bet at intertopsMitch Vierra: there beat up but strongArnaud : Germany did well in  the first game Arnaud : against Australia Mitch Vierra: 4-0Arnaud : yep Arnaud : Sa lost against Uruguay Mitch Vierra: oh that why support been so slow latley you all got the games onMitch Vierra: lolArnaud : did u hear about our Vuvuzelas?Mitch Vierra: no havnt turned on tv yet just got home from workMitch Vierra: and I'm BSing with youMitch Vierra: lolArnaud : There is an instrument if i have to call it that way ,shape of horn .Arnaud : it used in the staduim Arnaud : in African style Mitch Vierra: okArnaud : http://www.vuvuzelasouthafrica.co.za/tag/vuvuzela/ Arnaud : did u check it ?Mitch Vierra: No excessive noise; megaphone, hooters or gas powered horns. Vuvuzelas are allowed.But only unbranded ones. Kuduzelas are not allowed.Mitch Vierra: Here is the full list of prohibited items for the stadiumsMitch Vierra: its in the list cant bring lolArnaud : It is a new product. It is good for the stadium environment and with time it can be up to standard Mitch Vierra: yea but the stadium rules say No excessive noiseMitch Vierra: lmaoArnaud : Rules do not apply every where .Specially if it is an new african fiesta Arnaud : lolMitch Vierra: lmao true true'Mitch Vierra: ok my fiend I gotta go get some food in me ty for your time and if any free things come around send um my way and GO GERMANYYYYYYYYYYYYArnaud : Great tchating to you .Bon appetit [​IMG]He gave me $20 to play with and 30 free spins pays to be nice back[​IMG] -- Edited by Mben on Wednesday 16th of June 2010 09:42:10 PM
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  2. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    Congrats spade!"
    Nice job sweet talking your way to a chip!!
  3. unsoughtpoet

    unsoughtpoet WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    RE: At least there is one nice support operator/My confo with a casinodesk agent Amaud

    cool for you spade! I'm always nice and bring jokes and everything,... kissing butt even when i'm mad about something I need to address with them! I don't get thrown any bones like that though! --well, maybe from GO WILD when they first got started up,... other than that, I'm lucky to get them to top off my loyalty points when i'm only less than 100 shy of the cash in point... Good job and good luck with it!

    SPADEAHOLIC Thinks Too Much

    lol like how I threw in trying to decide what group to deposit in? then it was on he was my best friend lol 

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