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Casino Nominees for Worst Customer Service

Discussion in 'CLOSED FORUM CONTESTS' started by Mben, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    We want to know who you think the Best of the Best casinos are!After 2 weeks of you, our members, nominating casinos in 10 different catagories, we will be opening up the polls. There will be a cash prize given to 10 of our members after we close the voting and the Best of the Best Casino (per catagory) is announced.   If members do not participate in the nomination threads, prior to the polls being opened, they will not be eligible to enter in the voting contest(s).  Once the polls are open and you cast your vote and post your reason why, we will check to see if you nominated any casino in the nomination threads and if not, your entry  WILL BE DISQUALIFIED .  We want participation from everyone in this contest and don't want to just hand out a prize to someone who didn't help with the nominations. Casino Software included are listed below but we want the names of casinos and not just the software. MicrogamingRTGRivalBetOnSoftPlaytechTopgameNuWorksNetEntCryptologicWagerlogicOther such as Slotland_____________________________________________________________ Please post your nominees AND WHY for casinos that provide the Worst Customer Service in this thread! -- Edited by Mben on Friday 25th of November 2011 10:31:52 AM
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  2. legalme

    legalme NEW MEMBER

    Bodog CasinoThey are the rudest, unfriendly people.
  3. davidkohcg

    davidkohcg THEME PARK PLAYER

    Inetbet Casino.No live chat, email sometime no respond.
  4. xedor


    Grande Vegas Casino Live Chat ignored me when i want
  5. humorthisgirl

    humorthisgirl WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    There are actually two that I think have terrible service...so tis one is hard, because Inetbet makes you leave an email and I don't want to wait to make a deposit because I want to gamble now and if I have to wait to find out why my deposit didn't go through then, you've just lost my deposit because I'm going to go where I can deposit right away.  However, go casino, crazyslots, onlinevegas, have the longest wait times.  It's horrible customer service when someone has to wait on hold for 20 to 30 minutes.  What's worse is when they ask you what they can do for you and you tell them and you don't get a response and then 20 minutes later they tell you to hold on while they look up your account.  That is so frustrating.  Heck what were they doing from the time I told them what I needed to the time they responded?  Yeah I'm gonna have to go with this group.  Inetbet isn't this bad.
  6. mikeyhorror

    mikeyhorror WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Rival casino (Superior) had me waiting for 18 minutes and then were very rude and inconsiderate
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Palace of Chance. Takes FOREVER.
  8. KrisFos89

    KrisFos89 NEW MEMBER

    I would have to say El Dorado Palace is the Worst in Customer Service... They automatically think you have depositing issues, and rarely read your actuall questions.. and then they Abruptly Disconnect Chat without any notice.
  9. trishobryan

    trishobryan WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Lucky creek--have had flat out rudeness from that group.
  10. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    Go Casino.......hardly ever able to contact live chat and when ya do, you wait 4-ever!
  11. sambeau


    Vegas Vip Sweepstakescustomer service not to bright
  12. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    These thread makes me laugh gang........Some of the posts are right on.                            Thanks for all the nominations, keep them coming.                                                              Pam

    SPADEAHOLIC Thinks Too Much

    I know there closed but hands down the worst is Go Casino group of Vegas Tech.
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  14. mixx

    mixx Banned

    All the Jackpot capitol casinos like Slotastic , Grande Vegas etc.
  15. Mikey7a


    Go Casino because I've seen paint dry faster than they answer you!
  16. helwin


       I would have to say Vip Lounge, and I know their chat box goes with the rest of that group. I have had some nice people for support, but just the way they communicate, saying the same thing, like a recording, and not very personable. And they also held out $150 from me after waiting, just to tell me they weren't paying me..... I don't like busting my butt for nothing.  I will ask before proceeding, but not asking for lies.
  17. PokerProChase


    Hands Down it has to be the bet on soft morons at Thebes, who had to place me on hold to contact live support for an answer to my qt..........yeah, i was scratching my head too.
  18. chelo

    chelo MEMBER

  19. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Thanks for the most recent nominations everyone.....Keep them coming. :thumb:                                                             Pam
  20. iammeiamfree

    iammeiamfree WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    go casino, crazyslots, onlinevegasThey all suck. I made some deposit's with this group - the first one being GO casino..when I tried to withdrawl from go, months after i had an account open with them...they asked for the Documents to be faxed...I sent them, I waited two weeks, then next thing I know my account was blocked, everytime I talked to customer service they would tell me a lie, like my account should be back up soon. They asked me to fAX over my birth certifcate because they said my id' looked fake. They were just a bunch of ***hole's. Took my money no problem, they never approved my account to be reopen saying I was suspicious, stating because my Arizona DL didnt look real. and wanted my birth certificate (CRAZY!!like I would send them my birth certificate, they must think Im an idiot!) .whatever.But once I was blocked from Go, the others followed suit, and wouldnt let me have an account either. Within 12 hours of opening a onlinevegas and crazy slot account, I was already a suspended user from playing. VEGAS Technology HANDS DOWN WORST, Con Artist, Jerks, EVER!:no:But I dont see them on the list, SO Not sure If I can nominate them.? If not, I'll go with Rival casino, because they are rude majority of the time.:roll:jeanne/iammeiamfree
  21. ShugaMama

    ShugaMama Guest

    Genesys Group -They tell way to many different stories(lies) and a couple of the reps are just plain rude.
  22. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Thanks for the latest nominations .................:roll:                                                                        Pam
  23. lillysmimi

    lillysmimi WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I nominate Eldorado Palace, besides not having the brightest Crayons in the Bunch working for them, they were hard to understand (had to call them)
  24. NikkiD81

    NikkiD81 MEMBER

    Go group.  They have excessive hold times on the phone and on live support.  Especially on days that they give out surprise bonus's.
  25. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Keep those nominations coming gang, and thanks for all the nominations this far. :roll:                                                                        Pam
  26. sls616


    RTG VIP Lounge, support members have been rude via email and live chat
  27. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Hi gang:Keep those nominations coming........So appreciated.                                                                        Pam
  28. cat034

    cat034 KITTY CAT 034

    rtg inetbet ver rude when i tried to cash in my comps said ist was off freebies but before the sanctions i deposited alot:angry:
  29. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

     Thanks cat for the nomination. Good to see you on the board again.Keep them coming gang......                                                                         Pam   
  30. Brenda777


    by far inetbet i won on a free chip when i asked about it they locked me out of their casino.

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