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Casinos in Oklahoma

Discussion in 'CASINO NEWS' started by trippleslots, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. trippleslots

    trippleslots NEW MEMBER

    We have played a lot of the casinos in Oklahoma from all alongthe Tex/okl border up into the middle of okla. We had played the ones along the border for some time,and would do poor to fair. We would see someone have a  decent win but none to really get exicted about While out riding around the countryside we happened upon a little casino in Walters ,Okla. It is only open from about 10 in the morning till one the following morning. We had a good long play time and walked out with a couple of hundred more than what we went in with. Did not give it anymore thought and went back to the bigger ones along the border Again while out riding around we came across one in the town of Wilson. We stopped in and played and again walked out with more than we went in with. This casino is open 24 hours and not real big but some good decent action Since then we have started playing at several smaller ones. The one we like the most is up at sringtown on hwy 69 going North out of Durant toward McAlister. The people there after about your second visit really warm up to you quickly and after a while you are treated very kindly. Everyone that works there will stop and visit including the security and management. They will offer suggestions on what games have been doing good and even give tips on some that are overdue to spring a leak. We have played alot of casinos from Shreveport to Mississsippi to Oklahoma and by far Stringtown is our favorite ,itisnotrealbigbut still a nice place Our second is either Ardmore and then wilson or tied for this spot. Another nice one is called tressure Island up I 35 past Davis ,Okla. Anyof  these three or fun places We have played at Ada,Lawton,Norman (the one in norman is Riverwind) to hard to get in and out of it. All  the way over Mcalister and we find the small ones better Ifyou are looking for a casino to play in Oklahoma or Louisana give me a yell and will try to letyou know if we have played it and whatwe thought.  Would be interested in hearing from any of you that play land based in Okla Louisiana and whwhere and what you play and your thoughts
  2. Brenda777


    HiI live in texas so the main one I go to is winstar, it's huge and I love it. We have won pretty good there and lost pretty good there, it's really nice, tons of machines. Has a hotel and lots of eating places.I have been going there for several years and I have won 2 $2500 jackpots, one on a dollar machine and one on a lucky duck quater machine. And quit a few 1000 dollar ones. Just seems like when yougo and what machine you pick up there. Have had quit a few of those dreading the ride home visits lolBut all in all I love it lolBrenda
  3. trippleslots

    trippleslots NEW MEMBER

    Hello Brenda We have played there a lot as well it is now the 4th largest casino in the world and still growing. If you get a chance try some of the smaller ones I mentioned. The small one right there by the gas staion at the exit to winstar is another nice small casino, we just like the others better. What we like about the small ones as well is the fast service and pay out ,as well as someone bringing you a drink I am no longer an alcohol drinker so not sure if the little ones serve or not but with the smaller overhead they have the ability to be looser A few months ago we had the chance to vist with a couple of professional gamblers and whatthey had to say was interesting They have even started playing away from the larger casinos such as at vegas and shreveport or oklahoma and playing at the smaller ones for fun and small stakes Thye told us that most of the casinos along the borders of a state depend on people coming form out of state ,whereas on up in a state they are more dependent upon the locals that live in the area . If the machines are very tight or moved a lot the locals will quit going which makes sense Playing dollar slots winstar may be better but we have seen several big wins atthe small ones as well as we have done good as well Two weekends ago at one of the small ones we saw a 7500 quick hit jackpot,then a 2200 quick hit a little latter a penny machine was hit for over 3000 When we go we will stop back at one of the roadside rest areas that has a guard and sleep a little then travel on home Where in the texas area do you live if close to dallas then there is one on each side of the border on I 35 and then one on up between Davis and Norman Now I am traveling with the wife and sometimes we will stop like at a whatburger or something and sleep a while so if by yoruself that may not be an option We do like the one out at whichta Falls as well Kiowa casino is nice

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