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Club World casinos concerned

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by lucky8s, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. lucky8s


    I have been a loyal member of Club World casinos for over 10 yrs. Now I dont know what to think.  Recently I have deposited over $600 last month into Buzzuck with no luck. I looked at my bank statements and found overcharging by their processors. Example dep $24.00 they send me an email statingYour deposit to Buzzluck Casino has been processed successfully and an amount of 24.00 USD has been credited to your Account ID XXXXXXX .Your transaction will appear on your cardholder statement as: $ 23.98 USD   Zxxxxxxx Txxxxx name of processor The above charge amount may vary due to the locations of our banks and will always be less than the amount credited to your account. My bank statement says $25.91 a difference of $1.91 and an international seperate fee of $1 something. But there are months worth of these charges so they add up. Of course i went to chat they said send yr statement blah blah. I did and got that irratating MailerDaemon msg failed to buzzluck, you click on it and it says the Recipient buzzluck refused to accept your connection and yr email failed. Contact the recipient. They gave me clubworld email they verified it went thru and been weeks now no response. So I don't think I am special I googled and it is happening to alot of players check out CM poster luckinlove just hit jackpot for over $20,000 change then Feb 25th under payment processing issues complained in her statement she has been overcharged also.     
  2. slotgal47

    slotgal47 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I have not deposited as much as you but I have played at Clubworld over the years and deposited at Buzzluck a few times. Never have won a dime at either. I know other people have won lots but I just have never had any luck at Clubworld casinos. I have deposited at all of their casinos. But then again I am a bad luck person, meaning I never win anyway. I never really noticed any over charges but then again I never really looked for any over charges on my statements either. Hope you get some answers.
  3. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    Let me know if you need anything from me, lucky8s. "
    I've noticed that one of the casinos I play at, they have recently added some type of fee to transactions also. So instead of loading say $20, I have to load $21 just to be safe and can get a $20 deposit to go through. "
    We all know that fees are associated with transactions at some casinos sometimes, but it seems to be just a few cents, not $1.91.
  4. lucky8s


    This is club worlds response "
    We are trying to fix this and reimburse all affected players, other solution would be shutting down the merchant and leaving you with no ways to deposit. "
    Oh by the way the above I copied and pasted from another player who was sent this response from club, me they are just playing games and ignoring."
    The player above is a new player and deposited $1000 so far over a few yrs, me an 11yr player and over $40,000 and never take bonuses they say isolated incidence have not heard of this happening, we did not get your bank statements etc. They also said it was an isolated incidence when they bounced 2 checks last year and again it was the processor no them, but you had to wait the 10 to 12 days all over again. I still have there $2,000 check that they sent an email it is no good don't try to cash it, will not be honored from last year. "
    So in essense they are saying, your lucky to be overcharged, cause this is the only processor they have. But its not just this processor, there processors all of them, are doing it. Because they can. They will behave a week then when you check yr statement it's ok but days later when it goes thru it is whatever amount they want to put it thru for. Alot of people do not go back and check, and even if they did cannot discipher the transactions codes to even figure out ok I played at 3 casinos tonite which one belongs to which. "
    My February 22nd deps Buzzluck email says Actual deposit Actual charge on my Visa Difference"
    $23.98 $24.00 $25.91 $1.91"
    $20.98 $21.00 $22.67 $1.67"
    $20.94 $21.00 $22.63 $1.63"
    $24.98 $25.00 $26.80 $1.80"
    Now these go on for months, and i do deposit multiple times in one day. On top of these fess the processor starts with a Z charges for each transaction $1 and more for International signature fee which is a seperate charge after the deposit goes thru. But they do add up to an extra $10 a day to have the privilege of playing and depositing at their casino.jk Plus their $1 or more international signature transaction fees a seperate charge the next day on your statement. "
    At any Club World casino for US players you must be lucky enough to win $350 MINIMUM cashout. So for every US player everytime you deposit think to yourself do I feel lucky enough to win $350 or you will NOT be able to cashout. "
    Club world does not have these restrictions on other countries players, if they deposit $100 and get down to $50 and feel like opppps too much lost they can cashout."
    On top of that it costs me $5.00 to load my VISA with my $100 or $200 money to play with at the casinos, at various locations,that I will never see."
    The most puzzling thing is that these same processors are at Luckycreek and they do not overcharge me. And when I make a deposit they send a thank you and say the amount on your statement may be different than your actual deposit IF you would like this money back on your acct please contact the cashiers and we will be happy to credit yr acct."
    The I pull them up on Company check a UK website for ALL companies operating in the UK, and it says company dissolved, now they could be operating in cypress or whenever like all the other skeptical casinos offshore. But they list the UK address, leading players to believe they are in the UK. I like club world I am not a fool played there for 11 yrs I just want a reason not to complain about them, take my money charge what you say you are, pay me ontime if I win, have secure legitimate slots, and we can keep dating. I just want what I paid for, like anyone else, and don't charge me more than the next player.
  5. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    I understand your frustration of being overcharged . From what you showed us, it does add up quickly. "
    As far as other countries being able to cashout at say $50, we have to remember that casinos and processors run the risk of being shut down so to speak when dealing with the USA so they probably up the cashout amount for USA players because of that. Imagine as a USA player, requesting multiple cashouts all day long in small amounts (which if you're hitting big is possible to cashout their much larger minimum amount all day long too, I know), a red flag could be thrown and then here comes trouble."
    I read that the same way also, that your lucky to be overcharged, cause this is the only processor they have but I also read that they are working on reimbursing affected players. Let's hope this is the case and you will see some kind of refund soon.
  6. No Fool


    I also had this same issue about a year ago.  It is aggravating.  Clubworld does get it fixed, but they need to maintain control of their processors so they don't do this.

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