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Denied w/ds at Top Game

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by trishobryan, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. trishobryan

    trishobryan WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I have made quite a few deposits this week at both Casino Moons and Winward Casino. Several of them made play through and 2 went in for w/d~1 at Winward and 1 at Casino Moons.  Before making a w/d, especially at Top Game because live chat is right there all the time and almost  always exceptionally friendly, I ALWAYS check to make SURE that I have made playthrough. The last thing I want is to have the deposit kicked out only to find that I have to take the chance on  losing it. The w/ds were not huge, Winward was $250 and Moons was $400. I don't usually make deposits like these~but their deal for that day was $777 for a $250 dep and the hubby said go ahead, even though playthrough is 25X on $1000! I never expected to make playthrough, but did! For my whole $250 deposit! LOL! I checked with  support to make sure wagering was met, and I asked the minimum w/d amount for the 2 w/d options available, then submitted, and redeposited with the same deal~didn't lose anything, why not? Did not make playthrough, not surprised. The  night  before I had made a $100 deposit at Casino Moons,  made playthrough and w/d $400. Went back to  Moons after the w/d at Winward to play again the next day, guess the hubby was feeling really  generous, anyway WHILE WAGERING from that  deposit, my bonus suddenly grew $400. It was the middle of the night, no warning nothing! I just  happened to see the balance go up so I went to check out my w/d and sure enough, it had been put back into my acct. while wagering on another deposit with bonus. So I put the money back into  w/d~no huge deal at the time since I saw and took care of it~but I also received a msg when putting  it back in w/d that the allowable amount from the $400 that I had already put in once was only $334, as the rest had not met wagering. So the other $66 was added to my balance~that still had wagering to meet. The next morning I went and checked my email to find that my $250 deposit had been declined as it did not meet the minimum for that w/d option, after I asked support. So I went into Winward to put the w/d into the other option, only to find that this w/d too, had been added back into my acct WHILE WAGERING with no noticethe DAY BEFORE!! I was told that nothing can be done, the money has already been wagered. Don't forget, when deposited, I was playing another deposit bonus, with wagering requirements, where I was still checking in periodically with support  as to the wagering, but now there is more money  there. No notice, no email until the next day! I am  sorry and maybe I should have noticed that the money had changed, but I do have a really bad habit  of going outside to smoke during free spins  sometimes. I stewed on that all day (had to go  to work) then came home and went back into  support to chat . I was told that my money was put back into my acct 1st because it had not met wagering, after explaining that I did verify with  live chat that I had met wagering, and explaining  the rest of the problem that I have with them just putting that money into my acct while wagering and with no notice, I was then told that I was  exactly right~after they had gone back and looked at the chat I am sure, but was told I wagered the money here's a $100 chip that is all we can do! They did however increase the cash out amount  for my free chip so that if I could get it back up to $200 I would be able to cash it out!!! Isn't that sweet?! By this time my husband, who's generosity is now gone, says to play the chip and at least try  to get the $200 back. I told him that chip would  never cash out~surprise!....it didn't! Now please  understand these are NOT the only deposits I  made at either one of these sites this week. Top Game is my favorite of all the various softwares. I have felt that my money was safe there ever since collecting my very first payout which was  $3000, and took 3 weeks to get! I may not be able  to do anything about my own mess~but I thought someone else might benefit from reading.  On a brighter note...I see that my name is on the leaderboard for VIP's on Winward's home page.....hmmmm.Sorry to be so long!Trish
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  2. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    I'm gonna have to re-read this so I can soak it all in to completely understand it. From what it sounds like you know what happened and are not asking for help which at this point would take me a bit to figure out how to help. And that's because I have no idea what's going on (just yet). That's being quite honest of me, huh? lol What does getting on the leader board do for you? Free chips? Hopefully and if so, Good Luck!
  3. milkman


    i'm totally confused:surprise:

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