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Fantasy Football 101

Discussion in 'NO DEPOSIT FORUM 2016 FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE' started by Mben, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    I wrote this back in 2009 for our league newbies, mainly our female newbies. I'm sure I could add to it after all these years, but for a newbie, it could get confusing so I'll keep it simple and leave it as it is.

    Ok ladies, here's the short version.......................oh, vacant1 and peteyweestro feel free to brush up a little by reading this! You'll need it!

    It's draft day! You are going to make a fantasy team by picking players from the real football teams. On draft day we are all going to be online picking up a quarterback, wide receivers, runningbacks, a tightend (and no, it does not involve pilates lol) a kicker and a defense team. If you are not online for the draft, you will automatically be given players. It would behove (I luv that word!) you to be there for the draft and to have a list of players you want. You will not get every player you want because the draft goes in rotations and another member may pick the player you want. You will also be able to pick up backup players.

    It's kickoff time! Your team will be playing against another member's team every week. You want to win every game you play but the real football team does not have to win their game because you are going to accumulate points by what your players do in their real game. For example, your wide receiver catches a ball that was thrown a million yards away and he runs it in for a touchdown, you will receive XX amount of points for your fantasy team. Your defensive team starts with 20 pts and with every screw up they do in their real game, those points will be lessened. I can't stand the Dallas Cowgirls (sorry whattheck LOL!) but if I have a player on my FF team that plays for them, I'll be rooting for that cowgirl!

    During the season, real football teams will have a bi-week. Meaning they will not play a real game that week. Their taking a break from the all the concussions and broken bones! Remember, if you have a player that has a bye week, HE WILL NOT MAKE ANY POINTS FOR YOU BECAUSE HE IS NOT PLAYING!!! This is very important to remember!! Replace him with your backup before the game starts!!

    We will be divided into 4 divisions and towards the end the season, the top 4 teams will go to the playoffs and then there will be 2 teams left to play the Super Bowl of Fantasy Football and everyone will be singing "You are the champion, Mben!!!"

    There are other details, like trading players, waivers, etc. but that's a whole other ballgame so run with this and GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE LADIES!! That includes Belgamo, whattheck, vacant1, peteyweestro, star8lagger and chas!!!! bahahaha!
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