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Freeroll Slot Tournaments

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Mben, Jul 18, 2014.

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    Freeroll Slot Tournaments <a href="https://plus.google.com/111951981959921121060/posts?rel=author" >By Lola Smith</a>  /download.spark?ID=1566890&aBID=89469Freeroll slot tournaments are ones in which there is no buy-in to be paid by the players. Some freeroll slot tournaments charge the entry free whereas others do not. The entry fee is usually a small amount so it does not make a material difference either way. One reason why online casinos hold freeroll slot tournaments is to provide an incentive to new players to register with the casino. It is a part of the incentive package which would include the sign in bonus and the entry level comp points. These tournaments are held periodically. They may be held daily, once a week or monthly depending on how the casino chooses to set each one up. However participation in these tournaments is not automatic. There is a heavy demand and therefore players have to register in advance. When players register they are usually given a specified time within which they should register their name for a freeroll slot tournament. If they fail to register within that time the casino's offer lapses. Once they register they have to make sure that they are logged in at the specified time and remain logged in for the duration of the tournament. Usually these freeroll tournaments have nominal prizes, to the extent of a few hundred dollars at most. This is to be expected because there is no entry fee. The idea is to involve the new players in the online casino and get them acquainted with the protocols so that they feel comfortable in wagering with real money later.Another reason why online casinos hold freeroll slot tournaments is to reward players for their loyalty and amounts wagered in the past. Those who wager larger amounts are in the higher tiers and naturally get more freebies. It is for members of the higher levels of the VIP club that freeroll slot tournaments are held. Some casinos allow members from lower levels of the VIP club to participate in exchange for a specified number of comp or loyalty points. Since the comp points are given free to the players the tournaments remain freeroll even if comp points are adjusted. There is no payment from the players. Usually these tournaments have bigger prizes. The regular players need to be rewarded and for that the prize has to be significant, otherwise the reward is meaningless. The casino sets aside a portion of its profits in order to meet the prize requirements of such slots tournaments. Another way that the casino meets the cost of the prizes is through sponsorships. If the casino is able to get sponsors then the prizes can be really something, though then they are in kind rather than in cash. Prizes have been known to range from holiday packages in exotic resorts to free entries to world famous land based tournaments. Freeroll slot tournaments that are sponsored are more common in land casinos and slots malls than in online casinos.No matter how exciting it is to compete against players from all over the world, freeroll slot tournament winners must take the time to read the terms and conditions to all freeroll winnings. There are many cases where the winnings were denied because it was considered a free chip even though won during a tournament. Or the slot tournament winnings come with a playthrough and when that is met and a cashout is requested, it is denied because of the multiple free chips in a row rule was broken.If you have never entered into a freeroll, you should give it a try. The action is electric as you see your position bounce around as you spin against players from every corner of the world. Will you win first place and take home the gold? You just might!
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