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Discussion in 'NO DEPOSIT CASINOS' started by belgamo, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    There is a brand new RTg casino and its called Grand Fortune casino. New players should be able to to receive a Grand Fortune no deposit bonus by redeeming bonus code TRYME50 and get $50 Free.

    Casino offers over 200 games all powered by RTG. Many promotions are available on deposits all of which can e seen on the Grand Fortune website.

    To start you off the casino offers a 200% bonus on your first 4 deposits each worth up to $2000 in free bonus money. Just redeem bonus code WELCOME1 .

    So go check out Grand Fortune Casino and let us know how you do.


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  2. Sookie

    Sookie No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks, I signed up and got the $50 no problem.
  3. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Good wanted to make sure code works, ty
  4. chelo

    chelo New Member

    work for me , thanks!!!
  5. dragon999

    dragon999 Member

  6. toddb2842

    toddb2842 New Member

    I got the $50 Thanks for the info[​IMG]
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  7. xedor

    xedor New Member

    Working for me. Thanks.
  8. slotgal47

    slotgal47 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! And all games are included! Thanks again!
  9. Mikey7a


    New RTG casino, and a free $50, what a great way to start off 2014! Thanks Belgamo and thanks to Grand Fortune Casino!
  10. laceysoft

    laceysoft New Member

    Ok here is what happened for me........claimed coupon...made playthrough.....have $465 in my account ready to withdraw......sent all documents in and they thanked me...but I need my bank swift code or bic number........so I had to wait till this morning till my bank opens for that.......but also something told me to call......I did asked some questions.... cause there are no terms and conditions posted for the $50...but I think we all pretty much know how these no deposit coupons work......and sure enough you have to make a deposit in order to withdraw,so I am making my deposit this morning and I also asked when I make that deposit.... that there are no strings attached to that..........cause I already made playthrough.......they told me nope I would be ok and could take out the money. I will keep you posted and let you know and they only do bankwires too for withdrawls
  11. ady123

    ady123 New Member

    i cant reddem it username ady123
  12. nikkidog

    nikkidog Well-Known Member

    Worked for me. Thanks
  13. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Assistant Staff Member

    Congratulations, lacysoft! :clap:Thank you for the additional information about their withdrawal requirements. Please do keep us up to date as to how your withdrawal is going.
  14. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Assistant Staff Member

    I'll try and find out why you couldn't claim it, ady.
  15. From what I heard, the max cashout was supposed to be $500. Since the code got posted all over a bunch of forums, they decided to honor the code for everyone but the max chash-out was changed to $100. Here is the message from the rep... Hi Guys, My name is Jason and representative of Grand Fortune Casino. The promo code listed was intended for a specific group's use only. However the Management team at Grand Fortune Casino have decided to honour the GLAM777 coupon code, but reduce the maximum withdrawal amount from $500 to $100. We hope to see you guys in the casino lobby soon!! Have a lovely weekend guys and enjoy the FREEBIE!! Best Regards Jason Grand Fortune Casino
  16. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

     I was bad boy and was not supposed to release that code, but if you use our links at the top now we have a new code TRYME50. But u must USE our link to get the $50.
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  18. awesome! i just got the glam777 code about 4 seconds before i saw your post!:roll:
  19. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    If any of you happen to make a deposit at Grand Fortune , can you just post here that you did, thanks
  20. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Assistant Staff Member

    ady, can you try and claim the correct code that players who signed up under our banner were suppose to use. (the wrong code was posted originally)Let us know if it works for you. TRYME50
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 26, 2014
  21. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Assistant Staff Member

    Here are the terms of the new code ...Coupon Code:  TRYME50   Coupon 'TRYME50' was redeemed for $50.00! Congratulations! Playthrough details:  Played $0.00  Needed $1,500.00  Maximum Withdrawable Amount $100.00Excluded games:BaccaratCrapsLive Casino Hold'emRouletteSome Roulette Multiplayer Sic Bo Slot Tournaments
  22. ady123

    ady123 New Member

    no this doesent work to
  23. How quickly this code got put on other sites. Is this an exclusive code? "
    Guys pls dont share if it is. It ends up ruining it for us.<a href="http://casinobonus2.com/no-deposit-bonus/52732/50-no-deposit-bonus-grand-fortune-casino/">casinobonus2.com/no-deposit-bonus/52732/50-no-deposit-bonus-grand-fortune-casino/</a>
  24. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Assistant Staff Member

    I watched how quickly the wrong code that Belgamo originally posted got splattered on that site and am not surprised that the correct code for our players ( our meaning players who signed up under NDF's banner) is on there already.Yes, this is an exclusive code and if the casino rep has the details on their end in place, players that did not sign up under our banner shouldn't be able to claim it.We understand sharing will happen across forums, but you're right luckyirishgirl. When exclusive codes get shared and wrong affiliate links are used to download by, things do get messed up like what happened with the max cashout getting lowered.I go to that site. I share codes from that site. But whichever site I end up on, I try to make darn sure I am not sharing an exclusive code. It's just not cool to do so. Not everyone knows how to spot an exclusive offer though and that's ok. Post offers when you find them. I am not trying to deter anyone from posting. I'm just a bit annoyed how quickly our stuff gets posted over there all the time.Anywhoooo ... Thanks for your comment. It's very much appreciated! [​IMG]
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 23, 2014
  25. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Assistant Staff Member

     ady, I am having Belgamo contact the rep for you. Hang tight!
  26. Mikey7a


    Hey Belgamo, I'm either the first to deposit, or the first to reply to your post. Used my US Debit Card, went through with no problems."
    For everyone, here is the conversation I had with Live Chat, to answer your Play Through questions etc. Although Eric seemed confused, I believe that he and I were both right about the Terms lol. I have already wrecked my gambling budget this month, but had to give a new RTG a spin."
    Good luck to all!"
    Please wait for a site operator to respond."
    All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly."
    You are now chatting with 'Eric'"
    Eric: Hello and welcome to the casino"
    Mikey7a: Hi Eric"
    Mikey7a: I have a question about WELCOME1"
    Eric: Yes sure "
    Mikey7a: OK, is there a maximum cashout to this bonus, and what is the Playthrough please?"
    Mikey7a: Just in case I get lucky lol."
    Eric: Yes there is a playthrough of 90x deposit"
    Eric: No there is no maximum cash out"
    Mikey7a: wow 90???"
    Mikey7a: oh that is 30x depo and deposit then right?"
    Mikey7a: and bonus is not cashable correct?"
    Eric: It is 90x deposit only"
    Eric: No bonus is not cashable"
    Mikey7a: ok, thank you for answering my questions Eric. Have a great day!"
    Eric: Same to you "
    Eric: Good luck
  27. nikkidog

    nikkidog Well-Known Member

    Just wondering, are they a sister casino to any of the other RTG's.
  28. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

     no sister to any other RTG but they are run by those who run The Rival casino  - Sunset Slots<a href="http://get.sunsetslots.com/get/a/2103091">[​IMG]</a>
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 23, 2014
  29.  I get annoyed too. I have seen it happen so many times that someone posts and exclusive code somewhere that it shouldn't be, and players end up losing the code or in this case, the max cash out because of it. Plus its just common courtesy not to do that. Its really not that hard to just sign up at the particular site and get it for yourself.  (I have called people out for it too) Especially when it says-code only good if downloaded from our banner, or its a private code please dont share. I go to that site too, and people fight to share the codes so that they win the contest at the end of the month. Anywooooo (lol) Thanks for letting me vent. And thanks for the exclusive code! I didnt get to claim it b/c Belgamo posted it just a few seconds after I claimed the other one, but I did download from here, so hopefully you get the credit! 
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 23, 2014
  30. Mikey7a


    Seems like always, a few ruin it for many. I'm sure the culprit uses a different Username for other forums. "
    What we members fail to realize at times, is that this is a business for Belgamo. You would think after all"
    he, and the ladies do for us, there would be more loyalty. Alas, I live with Rose colored glasses on at times."
    I hope Belgamo, that you can find who did this, and ban their butts!

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