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Hard to Learn

Discussion in 'ONLINE POKER' started by Danielle Davidson, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Do you think that Poker is hard to learn? I personally have only played once and I found that it was pretty hard. I had a hard time trying to figure everything out and I didn't know if it was just me!
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  2. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    I took to Texas Hold 'Em like a fish to water but it is really the only kind of poker that I play.
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  3. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    I don't think poker is hard to learn. You just have to sharpen your poker playing skills once you know the rules of the game.

    Now blackjack on the other hand is hard to learn. All that math and stuff. I should have paid attention in math class. smh hahahaha!
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  4. Mimi33


    ОООО Girls!!!!!This is very cool!!!:theman:Poker is awfully hard!:pokerface: Blackjack is much easier!
    However I'm trying to play poker).:no: But then I go to play my slot machine.!))):moneytree:
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  5. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I took to Poker quite easily too.
    It is best if you know your hand rankings, that really helps!!
    Good Luck!!
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  6. Mimi33


    :facepalm:PMM! Thank you! I will try to understand poker.And I'm gonna raise strength!
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  7. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Best of luck to you. Remember, learn your hand rankings first!!
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  8. Jin Kwon

    Jin Kwon NEW MEMBER

    For me poker usually sucks, mostly because of huge (more than anywhere) dependence on occurrence. Blackjack assumes less thinking of options, so I prefer it most.
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  9. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Oh my goodness, I am the complete opposite Jin Kwon! I find blackjack very tricky and difficult, where poker comes easy to me.
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  10. Jin Kwon

    Jin Kwon NEW MEMBER

    PMM, could you please explain your point of view? blackjack is clearer for me. you see the cards, guessing result - everything simple. in poker you have to know and predict those combinations...
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  11. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Hi again:
    Good to see you!!

    I guess my feelings of blackjack could be the result of not knowing the game well, but honestly? Is there really a lot to know? All I know is all the typical rules of blackjack never work for me. 15 or higher? Stand, 14 or lower, hit me? I simply lose terrible. I understand you need to know or understand what cards have already been played, vs what cards may still be in the deck. That seems like a lot of work to me, where as in poker, once you know your hand rankings, and know them well, you simply fold or stay. Poker is a game of chance and luck. I guess blackjack is too.
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  12. Pizano


    Blackjack is pretty basic and unchanging so that one is easier I think. The only real variations are amounts of decks in play, what you can and can't double down on. Pretty simple there.

    Poker is more complex but much more fun and lucrative if you are good. I have chilled out on live card games for a few years now but there was a time that I played A LOT. Probably too much lol. Poker is half odds, and half playing the player/s you are up against. I have won a lot of money with terrible cards because I knew I still had that player beat.

    With that said, you can lose with the best hand before or on the flop in Texas hold em quite a bit. So depending on your style and opponents Hold em can be played many different ways which complicates things. I have sat down at a casino table doing well and watched a completely drunk idiot sit down, call everyone's bet and hit 9/10 of them and clean most of the table out lol. Terrible plays and terrible odds but he hit and didn't even know what he was doing. So no matter how good you are at the math, and reading people you still have the risk of getting hosed by the cards. Much less risk than Blackjack hosing you though lol. That's almost a guarantee in the long run unless you are counting cards.
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  13. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I can certainly understand your take on poker vs blackjack. You explained it very well.
    Let's face it, both games require knowledge of cards and math. Poker variations can get complicated, I must agree with you.
    As far as blackjack and me? I shy away from it if it is for real money. I do like to play against a dealer online for fun, you know, to try to improve my skills.
    Poker? Give me a seat, I'm ready to play almost anyone!! wink wink.

    Thanks for the conversation, loved hearing other points of view. Keep in touch.
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  14. JoshG09

    JoshG09 NEW MEMBER

    I'm with you on that, Poker is more complicated but once you get the basics it's a matter of experience and confidence. I'll always take poker over a game of blackjack.
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