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How Land-Based Casinos Keep You In Their Grip

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Mben, Jun 13, 2014.

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    How Land-Based Casinos Keep You In Their Grip

    By Lola Smith

    Land-based casinos have their little tricks designed to keep you, the player, inside their fortress so you can continue to spend your money at the tables or feeding the one armed bandits. There are some methods that the casinos use that are plain as day but then there are other ways that casinos keep you their prisoner which are not very noticeable. There is no doubt though, that all the tricks the casinos use are ones that make their customers feel wanted, comfortable and most of all hopeful.

    So what are some of the maneuvers that casinos use to keep us lining their pockets? Here are a few of them that you should take note of if you want to keep the shirt on your back.

    !. There are no clocks within the casino walls. This may be something that you have not noticed because you were so wrapped up in your casino games. Casino management knows that when their customers are at a slot machine or a table game, time passes very quickly. But if they have no clocks on their wall, customers will not see the time slip away which keeps them within the casino even longer. Do you remember a trip to the casino where you walked in during the daytime and walked out and it was night time? We really can't blame this on the fact that there are no clocks on the wall but in some cases I wish I could have.

    2. Another ploy the casinos use to keep you trapped within their wonderland is that there are no windows in the casino. This trick goes along with not having clocks on the wall. If you cannot see outside, you cannot watch the sun go down. If you could, you might be running out of the casino to get home to make dinner.

    3. The lights, sounds and activity of the casino is stimulation that keeps players fixated on their games. Bells are ringing, lights are flashing, colors are changing, slot wheels are spinning and digital sounds can be heard everywhere. Its electric, it's exciting and it is captivating. All these visual and audio affects ring out "Win Big"! The hopes of winning is enough to keep even the most disciplined gambler at their mercy.

    4. Have you ever noticed the lighting within a casino is lower than most establishments? This gives off a homey feeling which makes their players feel more comfortable. The lights are not bright and harsh on the eyes and there's an atmosphere of calmness when sitting in front of machine when the lights are turned down. The music that may be playing overhead is shopping mall music. Easy listening. The carpet that they have picked out is not picked out of the blue either. Patterns and designs they have chosen actually feel welcoming for players.

    5. Locations of their restaurants and restrooms and all other amenities have been laid out perfectly. They have been planned out to keep you inside their walls. Before you walk to these locations or even the exit, you will be passing by more slot machines or table games, just to entice you to drop some more money.

    6. Free comps are another great way that casinos keep their players within their walls. Players will receive free meal coupons, free show coupon, free cash on their players card for being a loyal member. These perks bring players into their casino and once players step foot in them, it may be very hard to leave.

    7. A biggie is the alcohol that casinos give away on the house in large quantities. We all know the powers of alcohol and after few drinks, many players will be reaching deep in their pockets to pull out more and more money without hesitation.

    8. The designs or layouts of casinos is amazing. You can literally get lost within a casino. There are some casinos that are massive in design, where others are little bit smaller and if you are a resident where it is a local casino to you, you memorize the layout. But the people who designed the buildings knows they made them in such a way that you will be confused, lost and surrounded by machines that are just calling your name.

    So, the next time you are at a land-based casino, remember these tricks that the casinos are pulling on you. It might be worth remembering them now before you walk in their doors then walking out and remembering for a long time that you just lost your entire paycheck

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