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Discussion in 'PETS' started by 13mar13, May 17, 2009.

  1. 13mar13


    My hummingbirds, in my home. We have with my wife near 40, all are free we only give some extra food.Link
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  2. joesm1th

    joesm1th NEW MEMBER

    this is very very cool.  may i ask how you came by them?  :)  is this like a butterfly thing where you build a butterfly-friendly garden environment by putting in a lot of the plants that they favor?  thanks! -joe
  3. daremeto

    daremeto WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    kewl video Martin hummingbirds are so kewl. i have several feeders but i decided not to hang them because i was told that if i started feeding them and then one day took the feeders down that the hummingbirds would die because they have become dependant on me feeding them. so i researched it and apparantly this is true. hummingbirds only go to one place to eat and when the food is plenty they stay at that one spot and if the food is taken away they don't know where else to go to get food and so they die of starvation. i didn't want that guilt on my head as my husband is a contractor and we tend to move often so i put my feeders in storage.
  4. That's so awesome! It's nice that you do that. I would love to have some hummingbirds near where I live!
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