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I'm banned from using coupons @ winpalace

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by IEatGoanna, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. IEatGoanna


    I recieved this email when i got home from work....Dear Darren Due to a management decision your account has been Excluded from Redeeming Coupons. Kind Regards James HunterFinance This was just after they'd paid out a $500 withdrawl to me (my 2nd in about a month totaling about $3500)Is this the Norm for casinos to stop players using coupons or am i just being a target?Has this happened to anyone else and can it be reversed?Please help
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  2. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    That really sucks!!! I didn't think they would do that. I haven't a clue if it has happened to others, I haven't ever withdrew that much within a few months.
  3. sambeau


    I have been banned now for a while from bonus or coupons at casino titan and they never told my why either
  4. IEatGoanna


    Oh, and to rub some salt into the wound. I received an email saying Congratulations here's a free chip.So I thought all is good and go to claim it but get a message saying that my account is unable to claim it.They really suck for doing this.Winpalace is losing lots of money from not having me deposit there.Planet 7 is loving my patronage!
  5. lillysmimi

    lillysmimi WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Hello IEatGoanna [​IMG]   Wow, they didn't even give you an explanation?reason as to why the decided to do that? I see they have also done this to another person who posted to your thread! :no: I have been a depositing and winning member there for years and always thought highly of Winpalace. I'm  curious to know there reason behind sending you that email!  Can you let us know...... Good Luck to you at Planet 7 or other RTG's that would be happy to accept your deposits!:roll:
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  6. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    There are plenty of other Great RTG casinos out there IEatGoanna that pay and are friendly , and would be more than happy to accept your deposits.I too dont know the reason why Win Palace chose to do this to you, but it is not the end of your gambling career by far.Good Luck at Planet 7 and keep us up to date how they are treating you.                                                                                      Pam
  7. lillysmimi

    lillysmimi WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Hello IEatGoanna =)Well...I recently got the exact same email from Titan Casino, after I completed a withdrawel from a cashback offer. I have been a depositing member with them for a few years =(I have emailed them to ask them why I am no longer eligible for bonuses, but haven't received a response yet.So, I will update board if I here anything back from Titan. Did you ever find out why you received your email from Win Palace?
  8. IEatGoanna


    No response from them.I just don't play there anymore.
  9. smosey


    I was also banned from coupons after a nice withdraw and have not returned there since. Its been about 10 months I emailed once and asked them to remove the ban  but I never heard back from them. I dont know why they give coupons if they dont intend to let you continue to use them once you win. I lost alot of money before I won. :nono: 

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