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INSTRUCTIONS on How to Create a Screenshot

Discussion in 'WELCOME FORUM GUEST' started by belgamo, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    How To Create A Screenshot

    1 . When viewing the pretty symbols that just fell in, hold down the ALT key and press the Print Screen key.

    2 . Go to Start/Programs/Accessories and open the Paint application.

    3 . Hold down the CTRL key and press V to paste the shot into Paint.

    4 . Save the file as a JPG file, for example, "pretty.JPG". NB : Its important you do this now to prevent quality degradation on resize.

    5 . From the Image menu in Paint, select Sketch/Skew and set the Horizontal and Vertical settings to 70% .

    6 . Save the file again but using a different name , for example, "Pretty1.JPG".

    Now you are ready to upload it...
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  2. PhillipR


    How to create a screenshot

    ok im really new at this...where do i find the Print Screen key?
  3. ahtram88

    ahtram88 Guest

    RE: How to create a screenshot

    It is on the top in the center set of keys on most keyboards next to Scroll Lock pause break etc.
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  4. PhillipR


    RE: How to create a screenshot

    Thanks for the help,,,guess next time i should put on my glasses,,,hehePhillip<img src="http://www.sparkimg.com/emoticons/wink.gif" alt="wink" title="wink" />
  5. whiskey

    whiskey Guest

    So what do you do if their is no paint program on your computer????-- Edited by whiskey at 18:57, 2008-08-02
  6. belgamo2

    belgamo2 Banned

    I have never known a Windows operating system that didn't have paint, it is in the accessories section.  Do you not have paint?
  7. zinadin

    zinadin NEW MEMBER

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  8. belgamo2

    belgamo2 Banned

    Here I was thinking I looked so cute with my bathing suit and matching accessorized avatar.   I was feelin' very perky from my cute little hat all the way down to my matching red shoes!!  I am glad this thread helped you learn how to do a screenshot....but I'm seriously hoping the bony guy on top and the hairy whiskey man on the bottom are who you were calling buddy .....If it was me, I will be heading to Dr. Phil Herbrazz and his partner Dr. I. Phixphlatuns real soon!LOL, And after that I am heading to photo-bucket and buying me a whole new wardrobe!I hope ya know I'm just teasin u, I'm more or less known for my little nuggets of humor you c here.  Don't b  surprised when you see my double d ..eeliteful attempts at making a  thimble sized cup of yuk yuks, anywhere I can get away with it!  Welcome to NDCGF, I hope you will find your way back often and enjoy your time here!latertater,taco<img src="http://www.sparkimg.com/emoticons/aww.gif" alt="aww" title="aww" /> [​IMG]
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  9. gamblergirl

    gamblergirl Banned

    Oh hi, I am new here. That was well explained thanks.
  10. ohbhave


    EasyCapture Free Screen Capture http://www.easy-capture.com/ <a href="http://www.macdvdtools.com/downloads/isky-dvd-ripper.zip" title="Free Trial Download"></a><a href="http://null/download/easycapture_setup.exe" class="textdown">Free Download </a></h1>
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  11. debidug


    This was so nice to post these instructions so I don't have to searce the net looking for them."
    Thank you ,"
  12. K5M38


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  13. ishin

    ishin Banned

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  14. Rock ON 222


    ok someone help please...after you have it on paint and saved how do you get it to the forum for posting??Thank you...rkeith
  15. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    well if this is for the vegas regal winning screenshot contest-then go to that thread and click the link in bels post to start your thread, beneath the preview buttons there are 2 boxes -check the box that says attach file(s)[​IMG] a file upload will open beneath that when you do &gt; click the browse button &gt; select the file you have saved in paint &gt; scroll down and click upload file(s) when it is done uploading Attached: screen shot posting.JPG [remove] [insert] beneath the box you checked  - click insert to put the shot in you post [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  16. imakin1


    thx for the info Belgamo, now if I cou
  17. imakin1


    sorry , I was saying , now if I could just hit a good screenshot worth copying."
    gl all, "
  18. MommyMachine

    MommyMachine A Mommy Machine

    ditto i cant get a screenshot to save my life
  19. wendy2

    wendy2 NEW MEMBER

    This is my first time i visit here.I am so glad this internet thing works
  20. johan75

    johan75 Banned

    Hi all of You,First of all thanks belgamo for this fantastic game...!! Thanks for sharing this post...!
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for the information. But this is normal infomation for all.

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