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League 2 details

Discussion in 'ARCHIVED GAMBLING FORUM POSTS' started by belgamo, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    Str8laggersKKoz9 's TaintrunnerzBelgamo's Metal HeadsPETEYWEESTROS RAMSteamkamalDEVIL'S GAMEMben's BarracudasIndianaTacozzNor'eastern OopikNew England Pat'sMonty's Mad MusiciansWhiskey's Crash Test Dummies-- Edited by belgamo at 22:59, 2008-09-11
  2. belgamo2

    belgamo2 Banned

    OHHHH Petey!!! Game On my friend!  Prepare to be rammed by the Colts!!!  I'll try not to make you cry,.... too much, when I'm kicking da little petey all over the turf!!!  Better wear extra protection, your gonna need it!!! LaterNFLwannabeTater,taco<img src="http://www.sparkimg.com/emoticons/aww.gif" alt="aww" title="aww" />           [​IMG]
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  3. belgamo

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    <table width="100%" cellPadding="1" cellSpacing="0"> Week 3   NewEngl<img align="absMiddle" width="15" src="http://images.sportsline.com/images/fantasy/icon.gif" height="15" /> Belgamo101106 <a target="_top" href="scoring/completed/3/0">F </a>      MontysM Indiana9689 <a target="_top" href="scoring/completed/3/1">F </a>      teamkam Noreast9274 <a target="_top" href="scoring/completed/3/2">F </a>      DEVILSG MbensBa7831 <a target="_top" href="scoring/completed/3/3">F </a>      KKoz9sT Str8lag9944 <a target="_top" href="scoring/completed/3/4">F </a>      PETEYWE Whiskey9150 <a target="_top" href="scoring/completed/3/5">F </a> <table width="100%" cellPadding="2" cellSpacing="1">East DivisionTeam W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA KKoz9 's Taintrunnerz 2001.0000W22-0-00219.00.0124.0New England Pat's 1100.5001L11-1-00193.026.0196.0<img align="absMiddle" width="15" src="http://images.sportsline.com/images/fantasy/icon.gif" height="15" />Belgamo's Metal Heads 1100.5001W11-1-01186.033.0221.0Str8laggers 0200.0002L20-2-00134.085.0191.0 <table width="100%" cellPadding="2" cellSpacing="1">Central DivisionTeam W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA Nor'eastern Oopik 1100.5000L11-1-00158.061.0164.0teamkamal 1100.5000W11-1-00152.067.0171.0DEVIL'S GAME 1100.5000W11-1-00150.069.0115.0Mben's Barracudas 1100.5000L11-1-00128.091.0138.0 <table width="100%" cellPadding="2" cellSpacing="1">West DivisionTeam W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA IndianaTacozz 1100.5000L11-1-00187.032.0146.0Whiskey's Crash Test Dummies 1100.5000L11-1-01171.048.0150.0Monty's Mad Musicians 1100.5000W11-1-00155.064.0210.0PETEYWEESTROS RAMS 1100.5000W11-1-00141.078.0148.0 Only ONE team left undeafeted here too, Koz's
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