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No Deposit Forum Exclusive $1000 Guaranteed Slot Tournament GO GROUP ~ DEADLINE JUNE 7th

Discussion in 'CLOSED FORUM CONTESTS' started by Mben, May 9, 2011.

  1. kg5866

    kg5866 MEMBER

    Online VegasOV0934653528Deposited $25 5-28-2011Thank You!
  2. kelle3

    kelle3 NEW MEMBER

  3. bsnapper

    bsnapper NEW MEMBER

    Go casinoGO0742620584$255/19/11ty
  4. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    Thanks morganthegirl, kg5866, kelle3 and bsnapper, for registering. [​IMG]One more week left for registrations folks!
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  5. Online VegasOV0993122684$25 deposit on 5/31/11        :thankyou:
  6. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    Thanks for registering barbiedoll. :thumb:
  7. linsluck

    linsluck NEW MEMBER

    crazy slots depo on may, 31, 2011 CS0614157484  thanks
  8. linsluck

    linsluck NEW MEMBER

    srry my depo was on 6-2-2011 for 30.00 cs0614157484
  9. mew1978

    mew1978 NEW MEMBER

    i deposited $30.00 at crazy slots on 5-26-2011acct#:CS0342032425thanks
  10. rocco403

    rocco403 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    cs0054153768 $32 5/28 thanks
  11. dji420


     OV0925214726 06/04 25$
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  12. Calig116

    Calig116 MEMBER

    CS072627368906/02/11 25.00  
  13. gaf13


    HI I MADE A $40 DEP ON 6/2.MY ID IS: OV0975798257TYVVM 
  14. benco333

    benco333 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    GP0182770255 - 05/16 - $50thank you
  15. mykatz

    mykatz MEMBER

    i had entered through go casino, i guess now the dont accept usa. is it still possible for me to enter through crazy slots ?i deposited $30 CS0548049876thank u mykatz:pants:
  16. sporty883

    sporty883 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    :metal:CrazySlots CS0140075559 57.00 5/30  3872
  17. Seriously


    $25 at crazyslots on 5/19CS0671290633thanks!
  18. Calig116

    Calig116 MEMBER

    Forgot the name of the casino in my original post, so here is the info again: Crazy SlotsCS072627368906/02/11 25.00 Thanks!
  19. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    Thanks to everyone for signing up. Here is the list that I will be sending in tomorrow but I have to warn you all that there may be a possiblity that there will not be a tournament. I have to wait untill the casino rep let's me know tomorrow, when he finds out.Unfortunately, what we thought would always be, is no longer. Meaning, the GO group was such a strong group of casinos but they were hit very hard recently with all the processor seizures and arrests. From this point on, I urge you all to STOP depositing your money into any GO group casinos. Please take my word and Belgamo's word. Do not play at the GO group's casinos. <table frame="void" rules="none" cellspacing="0"><colgroup><col width="231" /><col width="176" /></colgroup>GO Tournament 6/9/115/9/11 - 6/7/11rhondaakaGP0111646070shll1970GO0068664239taaadaaahhhCS0892564154newgoyoCS0695926134bugscapGO0397129931rocco403OV0621144390stormy77OV0187122429shielaraeGO0357160842mmabalaGO00066613231sporty883GO0093086346hopper420CS0113538007lmb219GO0147969915dazzlingdebraGO0124836135mykatzCS0548049876TashaSaladGO0047577188shll1970GO0068664239paicbiaCS0241707723MaTTo322LF0591273974heather76OV0894945197morganthegirlCS0556496354kg5866OV0934653528kelle3CS0911959621bsnapperGO0742620584barbiedoll2167OV0993122684linsluckCS0614157484mew1978CS0342032425rocco403CS0054153768dji420OV0925214726 Calig116CS0726273689gaf13OV0975798257benco333GP0182770255 sporty883CS0140075559SeriouslyCS0671290633
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  20. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    I have sent the list off already. I will let you all know tomorrow if there will be a tournament for you all to play.
  21. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    Unfortunately, with everything the group is going through, our tournament was scratched. It may be possible for you all to play in another, if the rep can push for it but at this point, it doesn't look promising. But if it happens, then I will let you all know. Even after all the GO Group has gone through lately, the rep wanted to keep the tournament open, in hopes that he could push it through. I'm really sorry about all of this but what happened is out of my hands. :(

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