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No Deposit Poker - An Opportunity Rather Than A Scam

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Mben, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Mben

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    No Deposit Poker - An Opportunity Rather Than A Scam

    By Lola Smith

    There's no such thing as a free ride. That's what they say anyway. Turns out that in the case of no deposit online poker, this couldn't be less true. Gone are the days of smoky rooms and husky voiced players. They disappeared along with the fear of loosing the shirt on your back. Today poker is a whole new sport, and to prove it, it's free!

    Free poker isn't a gimmick or scam, rather free online poker gives you the opportunity to play poker at no cost to yourself. The advantages of no deposit poker are multi-fold.

    Firstly, if you are not an experienced poker player but would like to learn, freeroll poker is the perfect opportunity. On a no deposit poker site you will be treated and expected to play just like a real money poker player. You are playing against real players and often times playing for a cash prize - what better way to learn.

    Secondly, there are countless versions of poker. Just because you are familiar with Texas Hold'em, doesn't mean that you will take so easily to 5 Card Draw. Whether you are preparing for a face-to-face game or an online game, poker free roll is a great way to familiarize yourself with a new version.

    There comes a time in every poker player's career that a tournament is simply the next step, however learning as you go along can be an expensive learning curve. A lot of sites that offer freeroll poker will also offer a freeroll poker tournament. A free poker roll tournament will operate in the same way as a cash buy-in tournament, and therefore is the best place to learn.

    Finally, as simplistic as it sounds, maybe you just don't want to spend the money. Poker is a game of skill and wits, it does not have to be one of expenses. Free poker is available to all, regardless of one's financial situation.

    Do some research on reputable poker sites and sit in on a couple of free poker hands. You just might impress yourself by finding out you have more skill playing poker than pulling on the arm of a slot machine.
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