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Playing Slots Online For Real Money

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Mben, Oct 2, 2014.

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    Playing Slots Online For Real Money

    By Lola Smith

    Slot games take no special knowledge to be able to play and enjoy. They are very simple games that require no special skill and the player really has to do nothing but spin the reels which, online, means click the spin button. Just like your land based slot games, the slot machine does all the work for you. It lets you know when you won something by the sounds it plays and the black lines that show up on the screen of the slot game showing you exactly were and how you won. The slot machine also adds your winnings to your cash total all by itself, so you see, there is nothing to do but sit there and win.

    One of the only major differences between playing slots online verses playing them at your local land based casino is you have the option, at most online casinos, to play in "free mode" where you pick any slot game you like and play with play money, no real money is won or lost, or you can play for "real" money by just clicking a button and depositing some cash! The purpose of this article will be to show the online gambler what you can expect when playing slot games online compared to your experience, if any, to playing at a land based casino.

    The Mechanics of Playing

    Online slots are different than land based slots in different ways. First of all you can not insert your quarters or dollar bills and you can actually cash out your winnings into your hands instantly. This is the only draw back I can think of when playing online slots. All gamblers love to see that money hitting there hands when they hit a nice size jackpot and with online slots you have to wait a day or two before you actually can see the money you won.

    Another difference in online slots is the way you "spin" the reels. Lots on gamblers love to pull that lever and have their own techniques or their own rhythm that they use believing it's their winning timing when pulling on the lever. But in online slots you have to click the mouse on a spin button giving your fingers a workout but not your lever pulling arm. This can either add to your gambling fun or subtract from it depending on how you look at it. Some people like to click the spin button even when they are at land based casinos because it's faster, more convenient and their arm does not get tired so they can play all day long without missing a beat!

    The screen of an online slot game will look different compared to a slot machine found at land casinos. On the bottom of the screen you will find the following items:

    You cash total
    Coin size [amount your betting per line]
    Number of coins bet [ how many coins per line you are betting]
    Amount of your bet
    Amount that you win after each spin

    These are the items you will find on all online slots regardless of what type of slot games you are playing or which casino you are playing at. There are some other features that can be found on some slot games which include, auto play option, which makes spinning the reels even easier and more convenient if used. This feature makes it possible to choose how many spins you wish to play in a row without interruption and without you lifting a finger! This is great if you need to leave the computer for a minute and get something to eat or use the bathroom; your slot machine will keep on spinning until it reaches the number you chose for it to stop at. Imagine trying to go to the bathroom at a land based casino and leaving your machine to play for you while your gone. Do you think you would come back to someone else taking your winnings and keeping your machine?

    Another great feature on online slots is the "gamble" feature that can be found on some slot games. This feature lets you play a "double or nothing" type game after each winning spin you get. A new screen will pop up if you click the gamble button and you will see a card game or pick a color game to play and if you guess correctly you will double your winnings! You can then either choose to quit and go back to the slot game, or you can chose to keep going and try to double your winnings again. This is a great feature that many online gamblers love.

    Playing slots on line for real money is a form of entertainment that is enjoyed all over the world. No more having to drive for hours to get to a land based casino just to spend an hour or two there and if you lose, have to turn around and drive all the way back home again. The convenience and variety of games make online slots one of the most enjoyed forms of gambling.
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