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Roommates suck...

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by tecknomania, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. tecknomania

    tecknomania WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Today my new roommate moved in.  I was hanging out with him and his friend in the afternoon but had to leave to go run some errands...Well, his friend decides to amuse himself on my computer and decides to play some games.  Casino games.  Killed my entire bankroll.  I was actually doing quite well and was up about $50.  Not much, but in my world, its significant. My bad for saving my password in my login, but I dont normally share this computer with anyone else.GRRR.I could tell his friend felt bad when I asked them about it so (being the nice person I try to be) I didn't make a big deal about it but did let them know that was REAL MONEY.I'm just annoyed because that was all my gambling budget allowed for the next couple weeks.  And, I'm annoyed that people are oblivious to things like not touching other people's stuff when they aren't around or maybe choosing to play a game with REAL MONEY when you don't even know what you opening.  But, I know most people don't have casino games on their desktop that are actually REAL CASINO GAMES.Grr.  GRRRRRR.
  2. sorcer3ss

    sorcer3ss WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    That is awful I would have been so angry, I bet you will never leave your computer on when you aren't there again.
  3. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    I don't know how you kept composed, i literally would have blown a gasket. If it was your computer and I was the roomate, i never even would have used it without inquiring if it was ok.
  4. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Wow..I know I would have been angry about that. Especially if it was all I had to play on for a couple weeks. Put a note or something on your computer to DO NOT TOUCH!
  5. crazyashell

    crazyashell CRAZY ROLLER

    Your roommate and any of his friends dont belong on your computer and i would make your roommate give me back the $50 that his friend spent that was yours "
    I am so sorry to hear that some people just dont care what they do to other people and they are people i would want to say away from and not let back in my house
  6. smosey


    That person owes you $50.00 I would have told him that right away further more he should want toreplinish your funds That person should not be allowed back until he does how would he have like it with the shoe on the other foot? You better have a discussion with your roomate about the cans and cannots of the apartment or you may be unintentionally asking for more problems. How can anyone get on someones computer and not feel completely out of place shame on him.[​IMG]
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  7. Percival12

    Percival12 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Your roommate and any of his friends dont belong on your computer and i would make your roommate give me back the $50 that his friend spent that was yours"
    FULLY AGREE! Get your money back, or have him deposit it at the casino in question. I am surprised that he didnt even offer this himself!"
    TSSS! shame on him!
  8. tecknomania

    tecknomania WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Well, normally I'd be posting the same response. I know the guy felt really bad and he apologized profusely and says he will make it up. "
    I guess I just don't want to fly off the handle over a mistake but I do plan to talk to new roommate about boundries. I would have snapped if my new roommie was a stranger but since I've known him for years I was a bit more relaxed about the breach of personal space. I'm pretty computer saavy and don't usually mind people just surfing the web on my computer. "
    I just didn't expect anyone to open a casino although I should have seen that one coming!"
    Grr. Life's too short to let it eat at me. And, now I have a perfect example of why one shouldn't mess around with the other housemate's stuff."
  9. Seriously


    you say that you could tell the friend felt bad.... that makes me suspect that he DID know it was real money. "
    i'm sorry you lost your money- maybe if you contacted support, i know it's a long shot, but sometimes live chat will top off your loyalty points, or credit you a few bucks... "
  10. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    How about daughter's? LOL My kid did the same thing to me!! It's was only several hundred bucks.......This happened a few years back! Guess what?.......She never did it again....roflmao
  11. tecknomania

    tecknomania WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I just wanted to share my karma."
    Today I won $60 from the RewardsRiches free lotto tickets. Last night I won $10 from Belgamo's secret English Harbour contest. And, roommates friend came back today to apologize again. He then organized several boxes of my HotWheels for me."
    So, yeah, it sucked and I bitched a bit but didn't freak out. Life gave it back, plus a little more. [​IMG]
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  12. conniecb66

    conniecb66 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    good for you. karma does come back to the ones that are owed. it has been done to me by my husband and he felt no remorse after i yelled at him. now he even look at my computer and now stays on his own.

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