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RTG Slot Tournament Strategy

Discussion in 'SLOT TOURNAMENTS' started by Mben, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    YEAH!!!!!! [​IMG] (WE)  [​IMG] 
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  2. jordanjanis

    jordanjanis Banned

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  3. Brenda777


    I love the freerolls, I just bet the max and play as fast as i can. I have won a bunch of 20 cent's and a dollar or two. I won one at doyle's once which was 12.00 but quit playing his since they got so cheap and made their freerolls for 5.00 lol and won 30.00 once on the rushmore one. Not much but like you said its' free.Brenda
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  4. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Hi Brenda777:Your strategy sounds very similar to mine. [​IMG]  Hit the button as fast as you can and hope for the best.Sounds like you had some wins from time to time too. Free is free.....So true.Wishing you good luck on your freerolls. [​IMG]                                                                                              Pam  
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  5. cyrildon

    cyrildon NEW MEMBER

    Slot Machine Winning Tips

    Slot machines are very popular in the casinos. Everybody seems to be drawn by the look and the feel of playing it by spinning the wheel. The thrill of playing a slot machine keeps anyone coming back either they win or not.
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  6. orren

    orren MEMBER

    2 weeks ago I won $1500 from the Rushmore tourny. 2nd place, held first place until the last six hours. I believe my score was 86,000. The majority of those points came from 1 spin during a bonus round, 60,000+. I don't even know what icons hit because the bonus rounds go on auto spin and i did not even get the chance to see. "
    basically when it comes to RTG tourny's its just luck, play enough of them and you'll eventually win something. only thing i change is using the space bar or mouse to spin, alternating every so often.
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  7. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Hi orren:Welcome to the No Deposit Forum. [​IMG]I chuckled when I read your statement about it's just luck. After playing so many tourneys, and trying so many different ideas and techniques, I too have come to the conclusion that it is Just Plain Luck. [​IMG]Thanks for the post.Hope to see more of you on the forum.                                                                                          Pam
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  8. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    I am curious, at what RTG casinos are you finding fre roll tournaments?
  9. lucky8s


    Rushmore the $10,000 free tourney every thursday for registration, inetbet -Friday FreeRoll Tourney, Daily free tourneys for Win Palace, Slots Jungle and Casino Titan. I am sure I missed some. Not to give away secrets but seriously if you play in the Rushmore tourney either late Saturday or early Sunday before it's over your do seem to score higher with higher bonus rounds. I have won every time I have waited to play. Just make sure to register on Thursday.
  10. lucky8s


    Just checked Rushmore $10,000 free tourney you can still register and play there are only 665 players out of a 1,000 Max player limit. Interesting point I know casino Mods who have won the $2500 grand prize two times. Not here but I just thought that was interesting. What would the odds of that be? Actually, I think even 3 times.
  11. lucky8s


    correction to my post I know Forum Moderators who have won the Rushmore top prize of $2500 in the freeroll tourney, I am pretty sure 3 times finishing either 1st place or top 5. Of course you would not know, they were a Forum Mod unless you knew and saw there User name and the top of the winners list and of course they posted and bragged about it on the forum. I am just saying they are very Lucky.
  12. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    lucky8s, I noticed that when I play the Rushmore tourney later on, I do score higher. Unfortunately, I played it last night. I couldn't wait. lol But I was at 21st place last night and this morning, I am at 25th place. It would be nice to hold to at least 70th for $25. I do know the forum mod you are referring to that won the top prize a time or two. Very luck duck indeed! Our mod Pam won 2nd there a few months ago for $1500. If it's a mod thing, i stand a chance some day. :wink: :lol:
  13. lucky8s


    I would be the first one to hoot and holler for you, I just thought it odd cause the ratio of forum mods playing compared to players is maybe 10% maybe even 5%, but the ratio of Mods winning and consistently is high, even the same Mod winning more than once or finishing top 10. Again, just saying............... Me too played friday when 600 players had played could not wait. LOL
  14. lucky8s


    Mben,Of course this is a JOKE, but I might contact support if I were you and say HEY, HEY, Excussseeeeee Me, I am a Forum Mod too and I have not won in the top 10 in the tournament yet. I am sure they would say oh well sorry lets get your User name and fix that for you today. LOL
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  15. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    :lol:I'd give it a try IF I thought it would work!I did manage to win $45 two weekends back. We just need to keep on playin' it, lucky8s. Our day is coming!    [​IMG]  [​IMG]
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  16. lucky8s


    Me too $45 two wks ago and $20 last wk, and from that $20 I got it up to over $300 and the knucklehead that I am did not cashout. I think it was after I read here on the forum of Holly's great luck and kept on playing till I lost it all. I thought I was going to be Holly2 LOL.
  17. IEatGoanna


    Well that's very interesting and thanks for where those Freerolls are.I just want to add something that i guess most of you will know but it may make all the difference to someone who doesn't.When playing a Big freeroll like Rushmore 15,000 in 15mins it' is very important to make sure you can have enough time to use up your entire credits (why give a head start to others). Click spin as fast as possible and I just press spin, close my eyes, spin around counter-clockwise 3 times only wearing socks...It seems to work. I've noticed that sometimes my spins are very slow and at other times a lot faster.After some investigations i've worked out that it's to do with other pages i have open at same time as i'm playing the tornie.For example: if the only thing i have open is the casino site then the spins will be slow but if i open a page like http://www.afl.com.au/Default.aspx I'm unable to say 100% what it is about that particular page (probably the graphics and constantly changing content of the page)But I noticed that i spin a LOT quicker and even have 3-5mins to spare at the end (depending on features and extra rolling for having 2 scatters etc.)Well i hope this is of some assistance to someone.BTW. i use XP pro and Firefox
  18. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

     Fantastic advice IEatGoanna........Thanks for the post. :roll:                                                                 Pam
  19. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    This is something I have known about regarding RTG casinos. I never play at an RTG without my web browser open in the background. The spins are way to slow without the browser being opened. I have my emails accounts open in most cases. Also, a rep for one of the RTG casinos told me that having a program like Windows Media Player running in the background will turn up the speed on the spins too. He said RTG knows about this and being that this was discussed quite a while ago, a couple of years, you would think that RTG would have come up with a fix by now. [​IMG]
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  20. Hustler421

    Hustler421 MEMBER

    What is one thing every one really hate about the RTG slot tournaments.  For me it's the tight time limits that some of them have.  When I'm sittling in front of my computer playing one the tightly timed tournament I feel as though I can't even blink or take my eyes off the screen.  I am not a big fan of giving quite that much attention to trying to click on that spin button and trying to time doing other tasks light lighting a ciggarette, or heaven forbib needing to use the bathroom.  Playing in some of these tournaments almost makes you consider adult diapers or at the lease makes that empty bottle next to you look like it has a completly purpose in life if you have been drinking a lot of water.The solution to most of the above for me is in the key board placement during the tournaments.  Trying to click the spin button or pressing the spacebar.Put the keyboard on the floor and set it up so that you can press the space bar with one of your preferablily clean freshly socked feet.  I have my computer in my bed room where it isn't shared with anyone.  You may not want to use this method with the family's computer if people are sensitive to it.  Now I find it especially combersome if I need to use my hands to spin the wheels diligently through out whole tournament.  I try to use this method usually for about 1/2 to 3/4 of the tournament I play now.   I hope this suggestion is helpful for all of you RTG Tournament players. Dan 
  21. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    :laughhard: That cracked me up Hustler! What a good idea ..... Put the keyboard on the floor and set it up so that you can press the space bar with one of your preferablily clean freshly socked feet. hahahaha
  22. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

     Hustler, your advice is a breath of fresh air. :lol:The part in your post about when you literally find yourself afraid to blink or light a cigarette is sooooooo true.Also, using the bathroom is a big NO NO, and must be dealt with before the tourney starts for sure.  If not, it could lead to disaster. hahahahahAbout the only tourney I play anymore at RTG is the Rushmore Tourney, and if I do win anything have very little hope of cashing out anymore.RTG Tourneys (free rolls) are just plain hard to get into, and hard to win in my opinion.I'm off to put on fresh socks for the tourney starts in about 12 minutes. hahahahaThanks for the post.                                                                            Pam
  23. ocean11

    ocean11 NEW MEMBER

     Your really cool mommymachine I should also try this hope my luck wont let me down this time! ^_^
  24. Mobcasinos

    Mobcasinos WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Don't ever play with a low bet. You won't survive the tournament if you do that. Start with a good bet. Not so high not so low so you can manage looses better.
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  25. Gadget


    I want to know what your strategy is playing them.

    I have yet to win even a penny and can't believe the scores that some players get.

    What are the tricks? Do you spin at max bet? Start low bump up? Start high and then lower the bets?

    Come on guys, spill the beans please. Thanks![/QUOTE] I have better luck changing the number on lines on $100 bet. Starting as low as 5 lines, spinning maybe 10 then add two or three lines....
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  26. Gadget


    What happened to the reply above? :biglol:
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  27. Gadget


    Sorry I messed up! Any who.....I have better luck with tournaments using $100 bet and starting with less lines and working up to max lines.
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  28. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I have never tried that Gadget. I too hardly ever even place in these tourneys that RTG casinos give out. This thread has some interesting strategies.
    I hope your tourneys may improve after reading all this fine advice from members.
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  29. Gadget


    There is a lot of great advice, and I will be trying some of these strategies. I appreciate everyone's input! :thankyou:
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