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Silver Oak Casino

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by mdexter, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. mdexter


    Can anyone tell me how long it takes to have your withdrawal approved at Silver Oak Casino. This is the chat I had this morning.Alex: gmn Alex: Good morning Alex: How can I help? mdexter: I made two withdrawals on 10/28. Can you tell me when they will be approved? Alex: The time frame for withdrawals is 4-7 regular days for approval and 7 regular days for it to be paid. mdexter: I thought the approval was made within 48 hours and then it took 10 days for payment. Alex: Sorry but no, that is not correct. Is the time frame above. mdexter: Ok. Then by the first of next week I should expect approval. Alex: Also mdexter: Will I be sent an email when payment is approved? Alex: Once the time frame is over please check with us mdexter: Ok, will do. Thank you for your help. Alex: You're welcome Alex: Thank you for visiting our Casino. Feel free to contact us at any time for further assistancese Also does anyone know whether you have to send verification documentation again if you already have sent this information already to Planet 7 and have made withdrawals there.  Are they not both operated by the same group?At ny information would be appreciated.  I know when I made a withdrawal at Planet 7 it took almost four weeks to receive payment.  I wish more of the casinos were like Slotastic as they pay within 7 days.I just hope I get paid as it is 3500.00 which would be great to have since the holidays are just around the corner.Hope everyone is having a great day!!  
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  2. sambeau


    i recieved my payout in that time frameyou will get paid i have several times
  3. JamesDean

    JamesDean Banned

    Lucky Hill Casino has been great to me. Anyone else ever play there ? I know this a new casino, but was refered by a friend. So far I'm happy with them. I am just interested in what others have to say about Lucky Hill Casino. I emailed their support team and was told they will be adding a sportsbook soon......Anxious to give it a try.

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