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Slots Jungle Random Draw

Discussion in 'CLOSED FORUM CONTESTS' started by Mben, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    The No Deposit Forum has all the contests you could ever hope for on a online gambling forum! Come and check them out! _____________________________________________________________________ <table rules="none" cellspacing="0" frame="void"><colgroup><col width="214" /><col width="127" /><col width="166" /><col width="86" /></colgroup>tking1 08/12/10 tking1 1becksfun 08/04/10 becksfun 2cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 3nikidog 08/02/10 nikkidog 4cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 5becksfun 08/04/10 becksfun 6cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 7cookieboy 08/12/10 missmardel 8lynda01lee 08/06/10 lyndalou 9fusborgs 07/30/10 spin2win 10cookieboy 08/12/10 missmardel 11becksfun 08/04/10 becksfun 12lynda01lee 08/05/10 lyndalou 13BARB711 08/06/10 IWANTTOWIN 14cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 15cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 16lynda01lee 07/27/10 lyndalou 17BARB711 08/04/10 IWANTTOWIN 18cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 19riceman 08/15/10 taaadaaahhh 20BARB711 08/04/10 IWANTTOWIN 21tking1 08/12/10 tking1 22cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 23livefree247 07/20/10 livefree247 24lynda01lee 07/28/10 lyndalou 25livefree247 07/20/10 livefree247 26BARB711 08/04/10 IWANTTOWIN 27lynda01lee 08/04/10 lyndalou 28tking1 07/28/10 tking1 29fusborgs 07/30/10 spin2win 30livefree247 07/19/10 livefree247 31cookieboy 08/11/10 missmardel 32becksfun 07/23/10 becksfun 33tking1 07/25/10 tking1 34cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 35tking1 07/29/10 tking1 36krystalkitty 08/02/10 krystalkitty 37becksfun 07/23/10 becksfun 38Autumn 08/16/10 Lynda 39livefree247 08/05/10 livefree247 40cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 41tking1 08/05/10 tking1 42Keth30 07/17/10 Keth30 43lynda01lee 08/04/10 lyndalou 44cookieboy 08/11/10 missmardel 45cookieboy 08/12/10 missmardel 46fusborgs 07/20/10 spin2win 47cookieboy 08/12/10 missmardel 48cookieboy 08/11/10 missmardel 49lynda01lee 08/06/10 lyndalou 50cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 51cookieboy 08/12/10 missmardel 52slotskoe 07/20/10 casinopoker 53livefree247 08/10/10 livefree247 54cookieboy 08/12/10 missmardel 55cookieboy 08/12/10 missmardel 56becksfun 08/04/10 becksfun 57cookieboy 08/11/10 missmardel 58tking1 08/05/10 tking1 59Autumn 08/16/10 Lynda 60lynda01lee 07/27/10 lyndalou 61cookieboy 08/11/10 missmardel 62cookieboy 08/13/10 missmardel 63cookieboy 08/11/10 missmardel 64tking1 08/05/10 tking1 65livefree247 07/19/10 livefree247 66cookieboy 08/11/10 missmardel 67cookieboy 08/11/10 missmardel 68lynda01lee 07/28/10 lyndalou 69tking1 08/11/10 tking1 70
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  2. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    Mben wrote 1m, 25s ago:that's it. We got 5 numbers! THANKS SO MUCH!!! Eraseunsoughtpoet wrote 1m, 39s ago:eek:k then!Ban EraseMben wrote 1m, 58s ago:18 is good! Eraseunsoughtpoet wrote 2m, 44s ago: 18 Ban EraseMben wrote 3m, 15s ago: ONE MORE TO GO!! another member please Thanks nikki!! Erasenikkidog wrote 3m, 42s ago:how's thatBan Erasenikkidog wrote 4m, 14s ago: 12 Ban EraseMben wrote 4m, 32s ago:nikki, give me another one. 35 no go Erasenikkidog wrote 4m, 49s ago:was 35 okBan Erasetking1 wrote 5m, 41s ago:ywBan EraseMben wrote 5m, 46s ago:LOL different. This may be harder than I thought Erasenikkidog wrote 6m, 18s ago:35Ban EraseMben wrote 6m, 39s ago:nikkidog a different number please EraseMben wrote 7m, 4s ago:Thanks you to and Gingersnap and tking for the help! And nikkidog! Erasenikkidog wrote 7m, 18s ago:65Ban EraseMben wrote 8m, 3s ago:I don't on a regular basis like you PSP. lol ErasePSP wrote 9m, 15s ago:Wait - you mean EVERYONE doesn't play with random number generators?Ban EraseMben wrote 9m, 26s ago: 2 MORE! Erasetking1 wrote 10m, 2s ago: 63 Ban ErasePSP wrote 10m, 8s ago:I know - I happened to be playing with a random number generator - go figureBan EraseGingersnap wrote 10m, 32s ago: 4 Ban EraseMben wrote 10m, 41s ago:lol 5 different members ErasePSP wrote 11m, 45s ago: 34 Ban EraseMben wrote 12m, 15s ago:CAN FIVE MEMBERS GIVE ME 5 NUMBERS ANYWHERE FROM 1 - 70 QUICK!!! PLEASE
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  3. crazysider69

    crazysider69 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

  4. catadams

    catadams WELL KNOWN MEMBER

  5. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hi crazysider and catadams. "
    Thanks for you numbers but this was actually a thread showing you how I already chose the winners of the Slots Jungle Raffle. "
    But really, thank you for lending a hand.

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