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The Thrill of Las Vegas (Stratosphere Thrill Rides)

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Sookie, Sep 1, 2014.

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    The Thrill of Las Vegas (Stratosphere Thrill Rides)
    By Christina Applebaum

    Heading to Las Vegas and wondering what some of the other ways you can get your thrills are while you're there? (besides hitting a life changing jackpot that is?)

    Sky Jump

    Maybe you would like to take an elevator ride to the top of the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel Casino. The tallest building in the western United States, 108 floors to be exact. What is so thrilling about that you ask? Well, after you reach the top you can jump off and experience an 855 ft "controlled free fall" down to the second floor! No the building is not on fire. So why jump off a perfectly good building? It's the Sky Jump - the Guinness World Record holder for highest controlled free fall. If you have the guts to go through with it, you will be sure to leave this ride feeling like a super hero! Don't forget your cape. If you chicken out, you will not be the first to take the walk of shame back to the gift shop. This is one place in Las Vegas where jumpers are encouraged!

    Big Shot

    If the Sky Jump isn't your cup of tea, the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel Casino has other thrill rides for you to choose from. Maybe you don't mind heights but free falling is not your thing. Perhaps then you would prefer to ride the Big Shot where you are securely strapped into a seat with 15 other riders. (if that makes you feel any better) Enter the ride from the 921 ft platform where you begin and get ready to shoot up another 160 ft in a matter of seconds to the top of Tower's mast. Experience four 'G's on the way up and that sinking feeling in your stomach on the way down. The trip down from 1,149 feet is comparatively peaceful compared to the ride up and the view of Las Vegas from the top of this ride is unmatched!

    Insanity - The Ride

    This ride is most certainly aptly named! Reaching 64 ft over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower, is a big metal arm that will spin you at a 70 degree angle (at which point you will be facing straight down) and at three G's 900 ft above the city that never sleeps. To ride this ride truly is Insanity!


    If you have always wanted to ride a teeter-totter from one of your worst nightmares then X-Scream is the ride for you. it's pure adrenaline as you are pushed 20 something ft over the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower where you will be rocked forward to dangle 866 ft above the ground before being pulled back to do it all over again. It's like no teeter-totter you have ever seen before.

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