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The vanilla Pudding Robbery

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by queenmap, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    The Vanilla pudding Robbery Once  inside the bank shortly after midnight, their efforts at disabling the security system got underway immediately. The robbers, who expected to find one or two large safes filled with cash & valuables, were surprised to see hundreds of smaller safes throughout the bank. The robbers cracked the first safe's combination, and inside they found only a small bowl of vanilla pudding. As recorded on the bank's audio tape system, one robber said, 'At least we'll have a bit to eat.' The robbers opened up a second safe, and it also contained nothing but vanilla pudding. The process continued until all safes were opened. They did not find one pound sterling, a diamond, or an ounce of gold. Instead, all the safes contained covered little bowls of pudding. Disappointed, the robbers made a quiet exit, each leaving with nothing more than a queasy, uncomfortably full stomach. The newspaper headline read: 'IRELAND'S LARGEST SPERM BANK ROBBED EARLY THIS MORNING'.... [​IMG][​IMG]  
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  2. ohbhave


    omg, YUCK [​IMG]
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  3. conniecb66

    conniecb66 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    LMAO thats so funny and disgusting. I couldn't help but have my husband read this and hes still laughing......
  4. elflady4747

    elflady4747 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Talk about worlds dumbest criminals LMAO
  5. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    For sure..I never expected the ending...yea, that is nasty! LOL
  6. smosey


    [​IMG][​IMG]   [​IMG]  [​IMG]  OMG didnt think the story was going that way!  My husband and I got a good laugh in  between the thats so disgusting !!!
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  7. lyndalou

    lyndalou WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    You're not going to believe this but what i'm about to share with all of you but......I read this joke when it was first posted and laughed out loud to myself.....well this morning my other half got up early and I decided to share it with him as the jokes posted here i usually do....well, during my reading this to him, i started to GAG ...yes GAG (because I already knew the ending) well during my reading and gagging I did end out finish the ending for him, well, I think he laughed more at my gagging than the joke itself! THIS IS TRUE!
  8. Janet0023


    wow!! its nasty!! But funny!! I rather have chocolate Pudding LOL!!!
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