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This why I don't prefer Vegas Loyalty casinos!!!!

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by chas24, May 8, 2009.

  1. chas24


    The following is a record of your online chat. <table border="1" width="100%" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" dir="ltr">General Info Chat start time  May 8, 2009 11:31:36 AM EST Chat end time  May 8, 2009 11:52:44 AM EST Duration (actual chatting time)  00:21:08 Operator  Joe  <table border="1" width="100%" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" dir="ltr">Chat Transcript info: Please wait for a site operator to respond. info: You are now chatting with 'Joe' Joe: Welcome to the Casino Support Desk. How can I help you? Charles Wiegand: Did I just speak with u Joe? Joe: Yes that was me indeed Charles. Joe: How can I assist? Charles Wiegand: Actually, I originally contacted u because u guys were nice enough to credit me with 50 free on Hitman for B-day. Charles Wiegand: And during the chat I was assured that the soins would include all the lines Charles Wiegand: Yet when I redeemed them I was only given 10 lines!! Charles Wiegand: Then I got this email:please be advised that Hitman Slots games has indeed 15 lines, you may seethis when you click maximum bet on the game itself. We hope you will find this in order. Some call it beginner’s luck. We call it Crazy. Deposit up to $/£/?100and we’ll Double it. Just like that.That’s a 100% Match Bonus for you on your first deposit. That's correctyou Bank $/£/?100, and you will receive and additional $/£/?100 Free! Terms &conditions apply! Joe: The free spins are preset no selections can be made during the spins. Charles Wiegand: The explanation email is belittling!!1 Charles Wiegand: Yes I understand that, but why did the agent assure me I'd get all lines?? Charles Wiegand: Yes I understand that, but why did the agent assure me I'd get all lines?? Charles Wiegand: It sure seems odd that the Vegas Loyalty group is the only one who cant manually comp spns/ credits Charles Wiegand: u there Joe? Joe: There are 10 separate offers on the game Hitman. Some have the 15 payline with less number of spins. The other has 10 paylines with more spins. However after everything considered are more or less the same. Charles Wiegand: Well I asked for all lines Charles Wiegand: Just another example of miscommunication Charles Wiegand: And how I don't know, seeing how long it takes to chat with u guys!! Charles Wiegand: Y'all should check-out Go Wild casino's chat support. It launches within the Game Lobby itself Charles Wiegand: There promos cant be beat Charles Wiegand: I wouldnt dare u there Charles Wiegand: But there software is head & shoulders above this Joe: The complimentary free spins have 10 paylines. The 15 seems to be separate offers all together. Joe: Well there are different operators. Charles Wiegand: Joe I'm having no difficulty understanding ur explanation Charles Wiegand: i just dont see why I didnt get what I asked & was confirmed to me? Joe: The free spins you where credited are used as complimentary free spins Joe: Which have 10 paylines. Charles Wiegand: No Charles Wiegand: Ur Charles Wiegand: not following me Charles Wiegand: Joe Charles Wiegand: I know what I played Charles Wiegand: In the chat session..once the offer was surprisingly made Charles Wiegand: I asked that I get all lines Charles Wiegand: He said yes & that they were loaded Charles Wiegand: I disconnected & low & behold 10 lines Charles Wiegand: I was given 50 free with 10 lines only Charles Wiegand: when what I wa told I'd get is 15 lines. Joe: That is the complimentary free spins we offer. This is standard accross all casinos. Charles Wiegand: What I'm sure happened is that the rep had already comped me. Then I asked that they be 15-line. Charles Wiegand: HAHAHA Charles Wiegand: This is standard accross all casinos. Charles Wiegand: No Joe Joe: All our casinos. Charles Wiegand: Just under the Vegas Loyalty group Joe: Correct. Charles Wiegand: Ican name a bunch who give more Charles Wiegand: better Charles Wiegand: Some even give$0.02 a line!! Joe: Are their free spins completely cashable? Charles Wiegand: yes they r Charles Wiegand: Start with the chat software, then try to beat the bonus/ free spins!! Charles Wiegand: I can point u guys to forum sites where many share my praises of these others, and disdain yours if u want? Joe: Point taken Charles. Only imput from players like yourself can make this a better casino group. Charles Wiegand: Nothing personal Charles Wiegand: Hope my feedback helps Charles Wiegand: I can point u guys to forum sites where many share my praises of these others, and disdain yours if u want? Joe: It sure does. We hope to be the best casino out there. The preferred choice. Charles Wiegand: Well Go Wild is the best as far as promos & spins!! Charles Wiegand: They change them bi-weekly Charles Wiegand: Intertops/ Royal Joker are the best when it comes to weekly cashback
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  2. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    you said it - if you dont want to deal w/ this kind of stuff-then go wild is the place to be!!im a believer
  3. vacant1


    I understand what your saying, but at the same time its FREE i wouldn't complain if they sent me an email saying i had a free 50 spins anywhere.  Did you play them and win big to make them pay???  [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. virgie

    virgie NDF FRIEND

     i agree, i would not complain  either if i got 50 free spins @ 10 lines. anythintg free.i play alot at alot of casinos and cant get anything free even gowild which everyone seems to love.i was just there yesterday and i play every month, but i have to wait for my payday each month as they dont take usemywallet.i asked for free spins or small amt of money since i will be playing there on wednesday but no... i dont get anything.the only  time i get anything is when i deposit and my money goes fast within mins. then maybe 5.00.. but i will take itso i would be grateful for anything they give me.. i went to a casino, big one to see if they can top off my comp pts. so only 2.00 and i spent over 10k last year and they said .noooo.so i would be grateful and happy about my free 10 lines at 50 spins...

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