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Tragedy At The Las Vegas Indy Car Race

Discussion in 'CASINO NEWS' started by Mben, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    This is not gambling news per se but Las Vegas related.Dan Wheldon, a two time Indy car racer, died as a result of a 15 car crash at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway yesterday. He was 33 years old.He was racing for $5,000,000 that he would have split with a fan, if he had won. The 300 mile race was just minutes into it, when 2 cars at the front of the pack touched wheels and started a chain reaction. Not being able to move through the debris, Wheldon's car clipped another car, became engulfed in flames, airborne and then landed on a catch fence on the track. Several other drivers were injured, with one other car becoming airborne also. Video of the crash is all over the internet and is heartbreaking to watch. Take caution. Rest in peace Dan Wheldon. You are missed by your family, your peers and racing fans.  

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