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Who Is Liberty Slots?

Discussion in 'CASINO NEWS' started by Mben, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

     <a href="http://www.libertyslots.eu/?c=60&s=53" title="Liberty Slots">[​IMG]</a>Liberty Slots is the newest casino to come online but do we really know anything about them other than the spam some have received from them? Well, it seems that there is a new software that was acquired by Vegas Technology called Wager Gaming Technology and this new casino is using it. Knock-offs are not new to us seasoned gamblers. Microgaming used one for USA players only and RTG is using one now called NuWorks. Dylan Mandrake is a Liberty Slots company representative and said on a forum We (Liberty Slots) are not the owners of the software, but a licensee just like an MGS, Playtech, or RTG licensee would be. We are in no way related to, affiliated with, or in communication with any of the former software owners casino brands. He contined to say In regards to the (website) similarities (to English Harbor) - we are a new group and felt that using a site template would assist in software recognition amongst players. The music in the casino client was provided by the software company. Mnadrake claims that a third party advertiser is to blame for the spam emails and that his company did not acquire a list of email addresses of former English Harbor group players. The problem with all of this is that affiliates work very hard to bring in new players to casinos and when they leave affiliates out on the cold after they shut their door to their affiliate program, is it fair that they have a database full of player information such as email addresses that they then can use (or give to others) to promote (more like spam) their new casino? No, it's not. Thanks to www.mrbonus.wordpress.com/ for this information. For more information on Liberty Slots, including a 100% up to $100 match bonus, click here! ... <a href="../../t47772170/liberty-slots-casino-grand-opening/" >http://www.nodepositforum.com/t47772170/liberty-slots-casino-grand-opening/</a> -- Edited by Mben on Friday 2nd of August 2013 04:10:07 PM
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  2. IEatGoanna


    Is there any more information about this casino (has anyone withdrawn from them).I miss their games and was delighted to see a member from here with a winning screenshot from there.I've downloaded the casino and have been play play for fun but would be keen to play for real if the pass the test.Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    The thread, or your reply and request is a bit old, IEatGoanna but here's some info on one member's cashout he had with them. <a href="http://www.nodepositforum.com/t48079422/liberty-slots-cashout" >http://www.nodepositforum.com/t48079422/liberty-slots-cashout</a>

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