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Why I prefer to go to the Land Casino alone. LOL

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by omeg, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Hello my fellow NDF members. [​IMG]Headed out to the land casino last night with two friends.  It was wall to wall people.  Games were scarce, but I eventually found the area I wanted to play, and after a small wait, I sat down at  WILD WAVES    Wasn't long I got the bonus, and although I was betting only 40 lines and 2 coins (penny machine) I did pretty well.  My plan last night was as soon as I got a bonus was to move to a different machine, get a bonus, and move on again. So on and so forth.   My plan was working well.  I was having little trouble getting the bonuses, and I was up about 60 bucks.  I had been playing only, maybe, a half hour. Fourty-five at the most, when I turn around to see my two friends standing behind me.  They had the LOOK on their face.  You know the one,  we are broke already, and now bored, so we are here to pester you. [​IMG] Your broke already? I asked in disbelief.  Both shook their head yes. This my friends is the moment you have to make that decision that every gambler has to make when they make the decision to go to the casino with friends.Do I throw each of them a $20 and secretly wish they would go get lost and leave me alone?  Or do I pack up and head home because they are ready to go.  [​IMG]  Guess what?  I hate both of those choices.   I ended up going with the first choice. I gave them each a twenty and told them to NOT come back if they went broke before an hour.  [​IMG]  Now you may think that is no way to talk to friends, but I gotta tell you, I become a different person when I am gambling.  Family, friends, spouse.....Doesnt matter...I'm gambling, and your on my nerves.  [​IMG]Okay, so I am alone again, with my smokes, and my cold beer. Luck is still with me, and I am literally moving from machine to machine catching bonuses and having a blast ever so slowly increasing my bank roll. Guess what happened next?  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yup, I look up, and my friends were back, dispite my warning of not to show their faces unless sixty minutes had passed.  They were broke again, and seemed to be in a even crappier mood than they were the last time I saw them.  Lets face it,  when your losing as fast as they were, it does tend to put youin a shitty mood. [​IMG]I didnt have much to say, and I wasnt about to fork over any more money to them.  So they took some empty chairs next to me and settled in to watch.  My mood is  tense.  Something about having my two friends sitting there watching me is not my idea of a relaxing time.  The whole karma went to hell after that.  The games stopped giving bonuses, and pretty soon I was right back to the amount of a bankroll I started with.   Grrrrr[​IMG]I decide to change areas.   I start walking, I'm in the lead, my two friends, following close behind.  We finally get situated again, and  I try to concentrate on my game when suddenly one of my friends says, and I quote... Would you mind if I pushed the button a few times too?   [​IMG]She obviously just couldnt sit there any longer without being a part of the game.  I looked around at my friends, and I took a deep breath.  I said ... You two play this game.   I'm going to find another one.    I stepped away, got another beer, and never did play another game last night. I went back to them, and sure enough they were close to broke.  After they had once again accomplished losing my money, I told them I was coming down with a headache and wanted to go home.  I dropped them off, and thought about going back, haha, but I didnt.  Tonight is a new free money night at the casino, and dont you know I will be there with me, myself, and I, and NO ONE ELSE.  [​IMG]Now I am not saying you cant take friends to the casino, but they have to be gamblers.  Have a little sense on what to play, and how to play it.  Not the type that have never been to the land casino in their life. [​IMG]My mistake, won't happen again. [​IMG][​IMG]Thanks for reading.......                                                                                         Pam
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  2. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    I always go by myself..........
  3. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Admin Staff Member

    I feel for you Pam. I totally understand wanting to go by yourself."
    Oh, BTW, I am usually classified as one of your friends you took last night when I go with friends. [​IMG]
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    I like it by myself too."
    The only things worse is when they stand behind you, you hit a li'l bit and they keep saying CASH OUT'......god i hate that...
  5. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

     [​IMG][​IMG]  Exactly..................
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  6. alimil

    alimil NEW MEMBER

    I was at casino last night too soaring eagle in mt pleasant :), and i totally agree with you my husband and i ususally go alone so we can stay as long as we want and leave when we want :)
  7. skfalqt314

    skfalqt314 Madame of the Slots

    Do I throw each of them a $20 and secretly wish they would go get lost and leave me alone? Or do I pack up and head home because they are ready to go. Guess what? I hate both of those choices. "
    Pam, that truly is the eternal, no-win question in all gamblers' minds! Thanks for sharing and for the laughs, as always!
  8. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Awww, thanks for always reading skfalqt314... and the fact I can get you to laugh is a wonderful bonus to my writings. [​IMG] I do tend to look at things in a comical way. I personally liked the line : They had the LOOK on their face.  You know the one,  we are broke already, and now bored, so we are here to pester you. [​IMG]  [​IMG]                                                                                                   Pam
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