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Winning Strategy 2

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by BabyOxide, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. BabyOxide


    over the years, i'v lost more then i win,winning strategies it seems like most concur, do not happen...BUT....over the years, i have discovered some techniques that are unbelivable...one of them is the believe that a slot machine will payout when its due to do so...in order to coax a machine to payout, you simply have to play long term , instead of spamming your $$, spam your spins, dun go for max bet but go for the max possible bet per line and go for that 1 line at the center, this in most game is usally $0.25 cents, if you hit it, the returns are madness...perhaps coincidence  or perhaps luck, i wish i had video'ed it but sadly i'll just write about it herei was playing myslots, awhile back, 3 or 4 hours ago, putting my friends pictures on it and videoing it lol just for the fun of it,  i went from $60 ($20 each time) in total to $10, afew more rounds and the scatters came in, i went from $10 back to $50, i switched to Treasure palace, on MGS jackpot city this has a fix bet, @ 25 cents for 9 lines = $2.25 a bet, i didn;t bother to play max bet i did 1 line... @ 25 cents per spini was just whizzing thru on the fastest speed hopefully to score, but didn;t quite think about it too much, you know the saying that, when u want something, it never comes, but when you arnt expecting it, it comes and there i was, hitting spin like nobody business, suddenly i saw my balance went from $50 to $200, and i was like wtf ?, did i see wrongly or did the bonus money came in or something went wrong ?i went and check game history and realised i hit 3x As + 2x wilds in the center line for a total of $150...afew more rounds i went from $200 to $160, and i switched game againthis time i went for lions pride, holy hell $1 a spin at max bet with the lowest coin... and bet per coin...i took a few spins, and thought maybe i should just try the same method as previously, so  i up the maximum possible and play only 1 line @ $0.10after a bout 20 spins, i hit 5 Qs on the center line with wild...coincidence ?i keep trying... and then nothing,the second line on top keeps coming in thoso i up my line bet to 2 lines, total 20 centsgod now the 3rd line keep comming in -.-'i gave up, i keep spaming 20 cents on itafter about 30 mins,my balance was hovering around $160,the Qs came again , center, top, center, for 3 times in totalmeanwhile i was about to end that game i tot i go for a few more spins at perhaps more lines since i noticed the scatters kept coming in pairs,i went up to 13 lines, also for the reason one of the patterns kept showing up a few timesPattern, *Middle Top Top Top Middle*1 spins or 2, i forget, 3 scatters came....free games !!!i went from $160 to $373..... in the free games (5 lions mixed came up on the lower line)that slot was due to pay out just then, or it could simply be luck,but what I learnt is when its due to pay out, even if you only play a single line, the symbols will line up nicely in the center for you... when its not, no matter how many darn lines you play, eg: alaskan fishing (235 ways), shyt wont come...so unless your are playing progressive or aiming for scatters like in isis ( which at $3.75 per bet (15 coins), ) it once paid out $2250 for me, when the 5 scatters came during a freespin ,  unless you are doing that, it sometimes not a bad idea to just play 1 line... for extended period of time until the center line keep poping up, then you can proceed to up bets/lines, by popping i mean atleast 5 of a king on the center line for a few times, this means that the machine has earn enough, and is ready to spew...--for those that assume that spins are randomly generated, and the game uses true random generators, i can very much assure you, its only up to a certain pointif the machine does not want to pay out, it can adjust the outcomes of the generated numbers, and i'm pretty sure of thisfor those who feels otherwise, go play the game called cops and robbers , AWP type, on any MGS platform,play 20 cents per game, and have about $30 worth of creditsat one point you will noticed that the bonus feature of that game,has the police ALWAYS rolling the same number as the thief, thus busting your feature play, and it can happen as much as 7 times IN a row, i've tested it at one point and even recorded it, (one of the footage tho was corrputed :( couldnt be bothered to re-record it after that)the pattern comes as you win a few features then when the slot is down on earnings, it starts to give you the feature play like nobody's business, but you wont survived the first roll, when u roll a number for the robber, the police catches up in 1 spin, then consistantly for the next few feature games, and then stops, for about the same period, and then repeats it self...the pattern occured twice in 1 session i played...RNGs may produce similar rolls, BUT 7 consecutive times, i think not,and even so if i give it 7 times in a row for chirst sake, it had the cheek to repeat it twice in session, eg: same rolls 7 times, stops for a couple of features, and then repeats same rolls 5 or so times , could not recall...$30 credits can last you about an hour on that game, and an hour is all it takes to show you the ugly side of it, you must be atleast half lucky to sustain $30 dollars,within the hour, you will definitely see cops rolling same number as robber,  at least a few times in a row,for any RNGs, this certainly does not seem to fitting at all, especially when , if your lucky, it will repeat again in the same sessionrecap:a machine will pay out when its due, play only 1 line and wait patientlywhen u hit it big, take your winning, withdraw 50% and run off to another slot..or call it a day...

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