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Winning Strategy

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by BabyOxide, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. BabyOxide


    A chinese proverb, 10 gamble, 9 lose experiences has also taught us that to keep gambling is to keep losing.But how do you win ?amongst many popular winning strategies available onlinesuch as the fibonacci sequence, the double up / tripple up method AKA martingale system and tons of others...they work up to some extend but none or little of them tells you when to quit...some sites say that you should quit when you double your money, but would you?if you do, then good.. but most of us dont, we just keep playing...I devised a method, not exactly fool proof, I followed it sometimes, but most of the time I let myself get the better of me, I shall share it anyway. those of you who can stick to the method I proposed will definitely see yourself winning atleast on the current session, not just double your money but perhaps more in the long run...the system lets you try your chances but helps you maintain your balance, you do not just quit when you double, but its good if you do, otherwise this method helps ensure you continue to play and enjoy your game... losing is no enjoyment, even when you tell yourself its just play money... it dampens the spirit...patience, and self control is the requirement.We start off with a balance, some money that you either get from free play or your own deposit, tho in most cases this works better with the deposited monies bcos there is no restrictions on withdrawal.$20, you go about playing, using what ever strategies you have up your sleevse, you manage to turn $20 into $50...what my system does is to help you keep playing yet save your money...at this point, go ahead and withdraw half the asset... $25,you now have $25 left, keep playing, when you HIT a win, a big one, not a huge one as in dun wait only for a huge win, not a small one either, thats just pointless, eg: a win thats atleast 10 times what you bet, $1 bet and u win $10... u would now have $34, go ahead and withdraw another 50%, = $17...see the fun part here ?, you actually continue to play... but you do not lose it all...so you play with $17 and u are down on your luck, u drop to about $5, and then u hit a win of $10 with a 50 cents bet, = 20 times, its more then 10 times, so now u have$15... go ahead and withdraw 50 % of it again , so u have $7.50 or if u prefers whole numbers, $7...keep repeating until u have $0... this is when u should stop playing...and then go look at how much you have withdrawnif supposed you hit a huge win with $0.50 a bet and u balance went from $5 to $100,thats just means u get to keep playing for the day, unless u prefer to call it a day..you continue to do the 50% withdraw, u will still have $50 to play with, the withdrawal part if u can STICK to it, avoiding all temptation to reverse it, will mean that you are a winner already...now you might be tempted to say maybe u want keep more of it this time and increasing to 75 % for this big win...note to self, if you did that u are not obeying the rules of my system, you wanted more money to keep, its not like its a bad thing, but dun forget, it just means you are gonna be twisting the rules here on in... when u begin to get down on your luck again you are going to start to want to reverse withdraw, bcos u already knew you took extra off, or that you would tell yourself, since i took and extra 25%, i could avoid a withdraw on the next big win either way, you are simply not following the rules of the system anymore. u be doing whatever you like or want...discipline is the only important requirement in this system, 50% = 50% no more, no less and you must obey the rule...the withdrawing part is very very important, if you do not do it, you will simply forget about it over time as you play and eventually lose everything ....my 2 cents worth.. hope it helps you guys win more :)
  2. gamerbud

    gamerbud NEW MEMBER

    <q>A chinese proverb, 10 gamble, 9 lose experiences has also taught us that to keep gambling is to keep losing.discipline is the only important requirement in this system</q>This is so true but even we know the reality, why we keep on playing? its because aside from having the possibility of winning big amount, every game is fun... during the game, i agree that discipline is so important to succeed.
  3. MommyMachine

    MommyMachine A Mommy Machine

    I don't believe there is any system that you are guaranteed to win. I just think it's all in your luck, and how you play your games. "
    Thanks for sharing, and GOOOOOD LUCK!
  4. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Thank you BabyOxide for your ideas on a Winning strategy. You raise some interesting points.  [​IMG]I too have thought I had a winning stategy at times, only to play again, and have those ideas not pan out. [​IMG]I wish you the best of luck with yours.  [​IMG]Thanks again for the post.                                                                                          Pam
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