Ellen DeGeneres


Host of her own talk show, Ellen, Ms. DeGeneres is one serious poker player. Famed for being the first woman comedienne to be asked by Johnny Carson to take the seat next to him, Ellen also has not one, but three different free online poker games you can play from her TV website.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain enjoyed poker and cigars

Image via Wikimedia Commons by steamboattimes.com

Born Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Mark Twain mastered the written word with the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,but this Floridian also enjoyed poker and cigars.  He said of poker, “Learning to play two pairs is worth about as much as a college education, and about as costly.” It has been said Twain’s humor helped to develop his poker face and playing style.

Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle plays poker for charity

Image via Flickr by Bob Bekian

This actor who starred in remakes of the Oceansmovies about robbing casinos probably stopped at a casino here and there between filming to get in a hand or two. Along with playing for big pots, Cheadle also employs his wit as a favored guest at charity poker events.

Walter Matthau

Walter Matthau quoted about poker playing

Image via Wikimedia Commons by Photographer-Henry Grossman, New York

Baby Boomers remember Matthau for his role as the poker-playing sportswriter in the movie The Odd Couple with Jack Lemmon, but Matthau loved to play poker in real life as well. It is said his quote on poker playing rings true: “The game exemplifies the worst aspects of capitalism that have made our country so great.” We think he’d be thrilled with the online no deposit casinos of today!

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly wins poker tournaments

Image via Flickr by California Cthulhu (Will Hart)

The actress was brilliant in her role in The Cat’s Meow playing Hollywood gossip columnist Louella Parsons, but she’s also one serious poker player. She’s racked up three first place wins and her winnings to date are $645,000+. Tilly has won the 2005 World Series of Poker No-Limit Holdem tourney and achieved victory in the World Poker Tour Ladies International. Still, many fans of Bullets Over Broadway and Liar, Liar have no clue this actress loves to bluff.

James Woods

James Woods plays poker

Image via Flickr  by Alan White

Famed for his dark portrayal in The Onion Field, Woods isn’t afraid to talk about his love for poker or the people he enjoys playing with most—Woods often mentions actress Nicollette Sheridan of Desperate Housewives fame. Never afraid to take on a dramatic role and become the character, we’re pretty sure his poker face is hard to read.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has big bankroll for poker

Image via Flickr by Eva Rinaldi

Hilton is a self-made celeb, but that didn’t stop her from telling Hollywood her poker skills are pretty good: “I’m really lucky in Vegas—I always win!” This not-so-dumb blonde might seem like an easy “take” at the tables, but watch out, she definitely has the bank account to back her while she masters the game. Everyone loves to play poker—even the famous. Another testament to just how fun the world of gaming can be, especially with the continued popularity of online play.

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  29. well being that iustin has gotten banned -i dont rally have any Q's about this anymore and am assuming it expired but since i still dont know ill leave it here for now instead of archiving it

  30. <b>Mben wrote:</b>Nice shot spade …….. so what did you hit? lol All I see are blank spots. [​IMG]As long as I can hold 2nd place, you keep on hitting shots like that! WTG!

    LOL sorry about that the missing ones are the girl rosta lmao 

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Browne did not immediately return an e-mail to the AP seeking confirmation. Firefighters who arrived shortly after the first call heard a popping sound, said Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano, who described the sound as not quite an explosion. &quot;I think the intent was to cause a significant ball of fire,&quot; Kelly said. No suspects were in custody, though Kelly said a surveillance video showed the car driving west on 45th Street before it parked between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Police were looking for more video from office buildings that weren't open at the time. &quot;The full attention of city, state and federal law enforcement will be turned to bringing the guilty party to justice in this act of terrorism,&quot; Gov. David Paterson said in a statement. Bloomberg did not describe it as terrorism. The T-shirt vendor alerted police at about 6:30 p.m, the height of dinner hour before theatergoers head to Saturday night shows. Smoke was coming from the back of the dark-colored Pathfinder, its hazard lights were on and &quot;it was just sitting there,&quot; said Rallis Gialaboukis, 37, another vendor who has hawked his wares for 20 years across the street. A white robotic police arm broke windows of the SUV to remove any explosive materials. A Connecticut license plate on the vehicle did not match up, Bloomberg said. Police interviewed the Connecticut car owner, who told them he had sent the plates to a nearby junkyard, Bloomberg said. Heavily armed police and emergency vehicles shut down the city's busiest streets, choked with taxis and people on one of the first summer-like days of the year. Times Square lies about four traffic-choked miles north of where terrorists bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, then laid waste to it on Sept. 11, 2001. The car was parked on one of the prime blocks for Broadway shows, with seven theaters housing such big shows as &quot;The Lion King&quot; and &quot;Billy Elliot.&quot; The curtain at &quot;God of Carnage&quot; and &quot;Red&quot; opened a half-hour later than usual, but the shows were not canceled, said spokesman Adrian Bryan-Brown. Katy Neubauer, 46, and Becca Saunders, 39, of Milwaukee, were shopping for souvenirs two blocks south of the SUV when they saw panicked crowds. &quot;It was a mass of people running away from the scene,&quot; Neubauer said. Said Saunders: &quot;There were too many people, too many cops. I've never seen anything like it.&quot; Bloomberg left early from the White House correspondent's dinner Saturday night. President Barack Obama, who attended the annual gala, praised the quick response by the New York Police Department, White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said. He has also directed his homeland security and counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, to advise New York officials that the federal government is prepared to provide support. Brennan and others will keep Obama up to date on the investigation, Shapiro said. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York responded along with the NYPD, said agent Richard Kolko. &quot;We have no idea who did this or why,&quot; the mayor said Sunday, but said that the city is always a top terrorism target. The latest threat came last fall when air shuttle driver Najibullah Zazi admitted to a foiled homemade bomb plot aimed at the city subway system. &quot;These things invariably … come back to New York,&quot; Bloomberg said. The theater district in London was the target of a propane bomb attack in 2007. No one was injured when police discovered two Mercedes loaded with nails packed around canisters of propane and gasoline. Officials said the device found Saturday was crudely constructed, but Islamic militants have used propane and compressed gas for years to enhance the force of explosives. Those instances include the 1983 suicide attack on the U.S. Marines barracks at the Beirut airport that killed 241 U.S. service members, and the 2007 attack on the international airport in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2007, the U.S. military announced that an al-Qaida front group was using propane to rig car bombs in Iraq. Times Square has been a frequent target, if not for potential terrorists, then for rabble-rousers. In December, a parked van without license plates led police to block off part of the area for about two hours. A police robot examined the vehicle, and clothes, racks and scarves were found inside. In March 2008, a hooded bicyclist hurled an explosive device at a military recruiting center, producing a flash, smoke and full-scale emergency response. No suspect was ever identified. Police have spent years trying to crack down on street hustlers and peddlers preying on tourists. But there have been two major gunfights in recent months. A street hustler armed with a machine pistol exchanged shots in December, shattering a Broadway theater ticket window, before police fatally shot him. Four shootings and more than 50 arrests on a mile-long stretch of Manhattan last month around Times Square prompted the mayor to call the mayhem &quot;wilding.&quot; ___ <i><b>Contributing to this report were AP Washington bureau chief Ron Fournier, AP Radio correspondent Julie Walker in New YorkAssociated Press writers Eileen Sullivan</b> and </i> <i><b> and Pete Yost in Washington, Michael Kuchwara in New York and Robert H. Reid in Kabul.</b></i>

  33. Since when do we send license plates to the junk yard? Also, why are these people who try to commit this stuff in the US so retarded? I mean unsuccessfully retarded (thank god). I don't get that part.

  34. <b>13mar13 wrote:</b>[​IMG]for that people that creat that bomb.

    im afraid [​IMG] isnt enough for those who made it -lol, but i guess its the best we can do w/ our choices for smileys right?Do you guys have any idea what 3 propane tanks and 10 gal. of gas would have done?I i used to be hazmat and im telling you – you dont want to see what 1 tank of propane can do- let alone all that they found in that car! 

  35. <b>rebago wrote:</b>Also, why are these people who try to commit this stuff in the US so retarded?

    I think you answered your own question, rebago. It's because <b>they are so mentally challenged</b> . I am sure that is what causes them to try to commit this stuff. I just don't get it. Who in their right mind thinks of this stuff and actually carries it out?&quot;Thank God&quot; is right that this moron was a bigger moron for not getting it right in the first place.  

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  48. Thanks PSP for answering so quickly.I have Windows XP on my old one, and Windows 7 on my new one.That makes things more difficult doesnt it? [​IMG]                                                                                     Pam

  49. Well, I can always redownload programs if I have too…it is the data I am concerned about.I will check out this site right away. Thank you so much.[​IMG][​IMG]                                                                         Pam

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  58. Hi gang:As most of you know, I do a couple of threads each and every morning.  The idea was to add other things to the forum under General Discussion to possibly entertain us during the slow times when chips are scarce. I enjoy doing them very much however the question is if anyone else enjoys reading them? <a href="index.spark?aBID=89469&amp;p=3&amp;topicID=38302044" title="This day in History">&quot;This Day in History.&quot; </a><a href="index.spark?aBID=89469&amp;p=3&amp;topicID=38364652&amp;page=2" title="Daily Horoscopes">&quot;Daily Horoscopes.&quot;</a>So I thought I would throw the question out there for the forum. Would you like the threads to continue or are they of no interest to anyone. If you DO read either of these threads, and would like me to continue to bring them to you each day, I wouldn't mind in the least.   Please let me know….Thanks as always gang:                                                                                            Pam

  59. Suck it up – it's your JOB!"
    (I crack myself up sometimes [​IMG])"
    I do read TDIH almost daily – more often than the &quot;horror&quot;scope. I really prefer the tongue in cheek horoscope to the quasi-legit one

  60. Thanks PSP for the response.  I appreciate you reading TDIH each day.  Even if a handful of folks enjoy reading it, I will continue to post it.  As far as the horoscopes go, I like the funny ones best too.  Maybe I should spice the regular ones up a bit, and go to a &quot;LOVE&quot; horoscope site. [​IMG]Those sites can get pretty steamy with their readings.  [​IMG]That truely isnt my style, but what the hey, it isnt all about me, it is what the forum would enjoy. For now, TDIH and Horoscopes will continue……                                                                                                      Pam<i>– Edited by PMM2008 on Tuesday 8th of February 2011 10:10:41 AM</i></small>

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  64. <b>BabyOxide wrote:</b>is there a link to this ? casino ? or how do they know i'm from NDF ?

    [​IMG]  Sorry BabyOxide…..Thats what I get for being a little tired , and working anyways.  [​IMG]I've added a link to Inet Bet.   Sorry about that.  [​IMG]                                                                                                   Pam                                                                                           

  65. <b>BabyOxide wrote:</b>is there a link to this ? casino ? or how do they know i'm from NDF ?

    This is not a forum sponsored promotion. Anyone can claim it without having to be from the NDF. [​IMG] 

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  67. That trophy is huge deal too. The Copa Del Rey is the trophy for the championship of the Spanish soccer league – one of the top leagues in the world. Imagine dropping the Super Bowl trophy or the World Series trophy and having it run over by your bus…

  68. Oops is right………I saw that and my stomach dropped. I have always had a love for fancy cars, and this article fits the bill.As my neice used to say……&quot;IT WAS AN AC-CID-DENT.&quot; 😆

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  73. We are looking for a specific location. We are looking for &quot;Yes&quot; and &quot;No&quot; questions only. Each member is allowed 2 guesses and then is eliminated. Members are not allowed 2 questions in a row. After each question, you must wait for a MOD Response before

  74. wow.. I have spend just 20$ in it and win 60$. Wow.. thanks a lot buddy ;)Thinking of leaving the job and play full time this game.. I think its a game of luck..!!Only lucky person can win the battle here.lolLot of tention in the end but i won 🙂

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  76. I finally played these free spins last night and made $1.98. I made $12.58 at the Genysis group on the same game but their spins were at 4 coins per line and not just one. And there were three more free spins too. What a difference in bonuses between the 2 groups.<i>– Edited by Mben on Wednesday 2nd of November 2011 11:07:59 AM</i></small>

  77. The nominations are in and the voting will now take place.We took all your nominations and narrowed it down to these few sites.The voting in this category is for "BEST CASINOS FOR WITHDRAWING AND DEPOSITING "Vote for one of the following:<a href="http://www.slotsjungle-ads.com/NDF20~20~51775.aspx&quot; >Slots Jungle</a><a href="http://resources.32red.com/redirect.aspx?pid=2115&amp;bid=1847&quot; >32Red</a><a href="http://www.no-deposit-required-casino.com/BetonSoft-casinos.html&quot; >Bet On Soft casinos</a> – seemed to be consistently nominated as group3Dice

  78. The nominations are in and the voting will now take place.We took all your nominations and narrowed it down to these few sites.The voting in this category is for "WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE "Vote for one of the following:Crazy slotsGo casinoInetbet – nominatedd mostly for lack of phone and live chat supportVoting will close midnight EST Jan 2nd, 2012To encourage you to vote we will be giving away a free $25 in cash or casino chips.To enter the contest part you must state below WHY you choose such casino and include a 3 digit number from 111 to 666. If you just state the casino without a reason, your entry wil be void.We will roll one die three times to get what we call the lucky winning number.The members whos number is closest to that number will be determined the winner of this contest.Winner wil receive a private message on the forum informing them of the win and MUST respond within 72 hours or the prize will be void, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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  82. Thanks for all the entries everyone. :biggrin: Glad you remembered to post your numbers lillysmimi. Everyone, read the rules about the numbers and don't forget to post them. 😉

  83. I voted for Top Gaming because, even though I don't use bonus with my deposits, they still inform me, and as tempting as it may me, I will take insurance, after I lose. 4 5 6 Thank you!

  84. I picked Winaday. I would stiil like to play there(not hang out in the lobby)the games look fun, But you'd think they'd try to fix up the place, as it is like something from the dark ages. When I finally did try and deposit one time, it wouldn't go thru, disappointed, after making the effort, I didn't even want to find out what went wrong. The only person I could see was a drawing of a man, or was it a cartoon? 4 5 6

  85. Club World casinos is my pick, they do treat loyal players like they want to be treated. Just wish other places I have played alot at could do the same. I want to play, not pull teeth(and usually for nothing)! I especially like 10x playthrough and 10x cashout on some chips. Now that's something that's do-able, and will give one the incentive to deposit more, 4 5 6

  86. I picked 3Dice, because that's the only one of the bunch I've deposited at. Don't think I ever needed customer service, but hope I do someday soon. They do have it together there. I hear all good about em. 4 5 6

  87. Even though I do really love this place, I'd have to pick Inetbet. They usually always get back to me right away and are very pleasant. Sometimes they don't, and I think it's because they want me to figure it out, if I don't know. Had a situation while withdrawing one time and even though I made made several contacts about payment method and told it was approved one way, it came another way, and I just flipped, and lost it all. I still have e-mail telling me it was on it's way. After losing one withdrawal because of easy access with MyPaylinQ, I deposited again with credit card, just so I could not have to withdraw with MyPaylinQ. And was so happy I won back previous one, plus more. Not sure if lack of &quot;Live Chat&quot; made any difference at all. I could have been lied to there as well. (Sorry if too much information, but it still hurts) 4 5 6

  88. I picked the wrong one, but I'll go ahead with 3Dice. They always have something going on as far as tournaments. Never won one there. Never could play in tournament at Rushmore because I didn't ever deposit there. I did at another casino in their group, but that doesn't count. Won one at Go Wild and finally made a deposit there, just before they shut US out. 4 5 6

  89. I picked Betonsoft. I have no problems depositing, and even though my only withdrawal was through Quicktender, and quite awhile ago, I trust they can take care of me somehow, should I ever get lucky again. 4 5 6

  90. i like 3 dice, support is very helpfull, there is a rainy day fund there for us, 25.00 in the bank. But I have only withdrew from Slots Plus, 50.00 bucks from a 25.00 NDP chip. It was easy, and felt better;&quot;YES&quot;.

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  94. Wow mackay! That's really awesome. :clap:And krystalkitty … not as awesome BUT you were able to claim them and there's always a chance $2.16 could win big …. so it's just as AWESOME! 🙄

  95. &quot;Not worth getting out of bed for&quot; :laughhard: I can see you JUMPING out of bed for $26,000 and then I can see your face as you are explaining what was actually won!Tell your better half ……. Congrats! Nice screenshot!

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  97. I just love how all these cities and counties want to ban smoking everywhere and now want to hide cigs from plain site but god forbid they dont get there tax $$ from cigs or all hell breaks loose.We here in Cleveland have built new stadiums and arenas on the so called &quot;sin tax&quot; but yet were not allowed to fire up a smoke inside the place.Bunch of hypocrits these political scums are.Rant over!

  98. if they are going to do that with cigarettes they most definately should do that with alcohol. i am glad i don't live in NYC because i would probably be in jail right now with all i would say and do with subjects like this

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  100. The regulations, 27 pages worth, that the state of Delaware came up with will not work. Why, you ask? Because of one simple word and that word is &quot;contain&quot;.

  101. [​IMG]Marcus Mitchell crouches next to a homeless man on a walkway above Las Vegas Boulevard. Marcus Mitchell, a local Las Vegas gambler who donates a majority of his winnings to those in need, converses with a young homeless man on a pedestrian bridge crossing the Strip, Tuesday Aug. 13, 2013.

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  104. I wanted to enter the Christmas contest. I joined Gossip casino. I received the free spins. I won money. The money just disappeared. It is not in my account and i cannot find it any where. When one signs up they request you call to verify your account. In the next breath they tell you no one is available to take your call or in live chat. This is by far the strangest casino i have ever encountered, even after playing online for over 15 years. What on earth is going on with this casino? I am not impressed, and I cannot imagine any one in their right or wrong mind actually depositing at a casino where the only contact is through an automated chat that runs while one is in a &quot;room&quot; playing a game. If you ask a question, there is no one to answer but other new players who are as confused as I am. Is this some kind of joke? It might feel that way if my money hadn't disappeared. Who runs this casino? WTH??? Come on people, surely you investigate these casinos before you recommend them to your members? I am afraid some one dropped the ball on this one in a very big way. Thoroughly disgusted.

  105. For my second attempt to get involved with the Christmas contest I started down loading Sunset Slots. My malware immediately popped up and told me to abort the installation for the safety of my pc. Yikes! Okay, that's enough of that. Merry Christmas peeps. Thanks any way. Good luck to everyone entering the contest.

  106. Hi irishgilly,"
    I'll address the Gossip Slot issue tomorrow. It's late for me right now. "
    I did want to let you know that you do not need to have an account at every casino on the list. If you do and win the stocking, then you will get that bonus. If you don't have an account, then you just won't get that bonus."
    So if anyone wants to join the Christmas contest but does not have accounts at all the casinos, please feel free. We did not expect you to have accounts at all the casinos.

  107. irishgilly wrote: I wanted to enter the Christmas contest. I joined Gossip casino. I received the free spins. I won money. The money just disappeared. It is not in my account and i cannot find it any where. When one signs up they request you call to verify your account. In the next breath they tell you no one is available to take your call or in live chat. This is by far the strangest casino i have ever encountered, even after playing online for over 15 years. What on earth is going on with this casino? I am not impressed, and I cannot imagine any one in their right or wrong mind actually depositing at a casino where the only contact is through an automated chat that runs while one is in a &quot;room&quot; playing a game. If you ask a question, there is no one to answer but other new players who are as confused as I am. Is this some kind of joke? It might feel that way if my money hadn't disappeared. Who runs this casino? WTH??? Come on people, surely you investigate these casinos before you recommend them to your members? I am afraid some one dropped the ball on this one in a very big way. Thoroughly disgusted.

  108. I need to say this to all of our members now …….."
    You know I love you all. You know I would bend over backwards for you all. You know that the above reply is not coming from my normally sweet personality. You know when my buttons are pushed though, I am going to say what I feel."
    I am sorry if it offends anyone who isn't involved directly with this topic.

  109. QUOTE: &quot;Per the terms of the new player free spins ……. <a href="http://www.nodepositforum.com/t55479796/gossip-slots-no-deposit-bonus/">www.nodepositforum.com/t55479796/gossip-slots-no-deposit-bonus/</a&gt;. If you would have read the terms of the free spins, they clearly state in Belgamo's post that &quot;To redeem winnings from this game with a minimum $25 deposit, think of it as a free play bonus.&quot; What this means is that once a deposit is made, the money won from the free spins will be released into your balance for you to play. You may have been confused as to where the free spins money went but should have realized that it would show up once a deposit was made if you read the terms.&quot;QUOTE"
    QUOTE: &quot;I take great offense to your accusation that we do not investigate &quot;these casinos&quot; before recommending them to our members. If a casino is a known rogue, we will not endorse it. If a casino we do promote ends up rogue, we will drop them. If a casino we promote that is not considered rogue and treats any of our members unfairly, we will fight for our members. The &quot;staff&quot; (not &quot;you people&quot;) at NDF work VERY hard to bring our members new casinos, casino offers, contests and as online gambling advocates, we have our member's backs. It pisses me off that we sit here and work as hard as we do for you and nothing given back. All I see regarding you specifically is that a huge Christmas contest was offered to you FREE OF CHARGE in which hours of work was put into to bring to our members, massive amounts of free sign up bonuses were at your fingertips in one neat list and you come back at us that you are thoroughly disgusted. I want to thank you for your contribution to the forum with your post. Oh wait, your negative contribution, that is! I am NOT saying that all posts on the forum need to be unicorns and rainbows, but when a member does not contribute to the forum only to bash us, that's not cool at all. I could go on but you get my drift. Have a nice day.&quot; QUOTE"
    Hello =), I just personally wanted to say, I don't feel there was NOTHING for you to apologize for or feel bad for in this post…….I have been a NDF member for some time, whether it's been &quot;issues&quot; I may of had myself with casinos, or &quot;issues&quot; with other NDF members and casinos they have played at, you guys work very hard with your members with all kinds of things, AND in a VERY personal manner! I VERY much appreciate that! I am a member at a larger forum where you are basically just a number…..and it's NOT LIKE THAT HERE AT ALL….So, don't feel bad MBEN =) Ya'll do a GREAT JOB HERE AND I THANK YOU VERY MUCH AS I AM SURE THE REST OF THE NDF FORUM FAMILY FEELS THE SAME =)

  110. I too, as a proud moderator of this forum, took hurtful offense to irishgilly's post. The work we do here on this forum is not limited to this forum. Many times we are on the telephone, Skype, etc working out details for members who find themselves in need of help.

  111. QUOTE&quot; &quot;I guess what gets me is the fact that instead of just asking for help, in a calm and decent way, you go off on us the way you did. We do NOT deserve that.&quot; QUOTE"
    You said it best in the quote above Pam…..I think that is what happens TOO many times with players, maybe they think you guys just aren't real people…..LOL…..But WE (the ones who's been here long time…) WE know your real and you REALLY do care about all us…I just don't think many realize all the hard work and effort that IS actually put into a &quot;legitimate&quot; casino forum (Such as the No Deposit Forum) to where players can come and learn the good and bads of casinos, where to play (and not), where to get free chips, where to go for help with issues, where to play GREAT contests, etc..etc.etc..etc……………. AND WE DO APPRECIATE YOU GUYS!!

  112. I appreciate your take on this, lillysmimi. I don't expect everyone to see our point of view but it's nice to know that we are appreciated around here. "
    Staff at NDF appreciates you too and every single one of our members. Without you all, there would be no forum.

  113. I just saw this thread, and I am pressed for time. For now, I will simply say that after MANY years playing online, this is the ONLY forum to actually &quot;go to bat&quot; for me, in a dispute with a casino! From tracking slow moving cashouts, to arguing on my behalf with casino Reps. I'm just a member here, but maybe in the future, one might consider a PRIVATE message to a moderator, before going all ballistic? "
    Love you guys, and I LOVE No Deposit Forum!

  114. Mikey7a wrote: I just saw this thread, and I am pressed for time. For now, I will simply say that after MANY years playing online, this is the ONLY forum to actually &quot;go to bat&quot; for me, in a dispute with a casino! From tracking slow moving cashouts, to arguing on my behalf with casino Reps. I'm just a member here, but maybe in the future, one might consider a PRIVATE message to a moderator, before going all ballistic? Love you guys, and I LOVE No Deposit Forum!

    Thanks, Mikey. :thumb:

  115. Mikey7a wrote: I just saw this thread, and I am pressed for time. For now, I will simply say that after MANY years playing online, this is the ONLY forum to actually &quot;go to bat&quot; for me, in a dispute with a casino! From tracking slow moving cashouts, to arguing on my behalf with casino Reps. I'm just a member here, but maybe in the future, one might consider a PRIVATE message to a moderator, before going all ballistic? Love you guys, and I LOVE No Deposit Forum!

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  141. #6, #14, #15 are excellent questions! Well, they are all good questions but those are my favorites. as far as # 24 goes I recently found green olives in a can can and was so disappointed to learn that while the looked green, they still tasted black! 😆

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  152. That's alright, I understand you have to care about getting a bonus sometimes before you go through the hassle of dealing with them in chat 😆 Sorry it didn't work for you though and thanks for letting me know.What about the rest of you guys? Did anyone else try to claim this?

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