November 29, 2018

4 Interior Design Renovations Using Everyday Items

Whether you are trying to decorate a casino-themed room or merely in the mood for a DIY project, you’re in luck. The internet is full of clever interior design ideas that repurpose everyday items. Here are four simple renovations you can try yourself, using things that are probably already collecting dust around your home.

Turn Your Beer Caps Into Coasters

For this project, you will need five things:

A coaster-shaped resin mold

Mold release spray

Clear casting resin

Resin hardener

Bottle caps

To make the coasters, first spray the mold with the release spray and let it dry. Next, mix the proper amounts of resin and hardener. (You can use a disposable plastic cup and spoon for easy clean-up.) Pour a small amount of the resin mixture into the mold, then arrange your bottle caps top-down in whatever design you choose. Fill the mold the rest of the way. Once the resin has hardened, remove your coaster from the mold and put it to use!

These coasters will be right at home in a man-cave, and they’ll come in handy for poker night or tailgating parties. You can even incorporate other items, such as dice or poker chips, to match the theme of the room or event.

Upcycle Glass Bottles Into Mood Lighting

Whether your drink of choice is wine, vodka, or something else, you can put those glass bottles to use as lighting. You can find several examples online to suit a variety of tastes and skill levels. Wine bottle candle holders, for instance, involve cutting off the top half of the bottle and using it to hold taper candles. For a more complicated project, consider using three or more bottles to make a pendant light or chandelier, with each bottle housing a single light. You can even buy an easy lamp kit on Amazon that turns a wine bottle into a lamp.

Decorate With Tin Flowers Made From Soda Cans

Rather than pitching or recycling your used beer or soda cans, consider crafting them into tin flowers that you can use for wall decoration. You only need four things for this project:

Clean, empty cans

Scissors or an Exacto knife

Protective gloves

Spray paint (if desired)

Start by cutting the tops off the cans. Then use your knife or scissors to cut out the petals. These can be thin stripes for a daisy-like look or rounder, fuller petals. You can even stack one can inside another for two layers of petals. Push the petals down so that they fan out, like a flower, and mold them slightly to get a more realistic look. Finish them off with a coat of spray paint.

If flowers aren’t for you, you can find plenty of other ways to repurpose soda cans online.

Plan a Poker-Themed Christmas Tree

Pay homage to your love of poker each Christmas by turning some of your extra cards and chips into ornaments. Start by gathering a few tools and materials:

Poker chips

Playing cards

A hole-drilling tool, such as a Versa-Tool with a soldering tip


String or thin ribbon

Craft glue

The basic idea is to drill a hole through the top of the poker chip and use ribbon to hang it from the tree. For a little more pizazz, you can cut small circles out of playing cards and glue them in the center of the chip. A quarter makes a good stencil for this. You can also other embellishments, such as dangling charms and beads. The possibilities are as varied as poker itself.

Turns out, the junk in your kitchen drawer or the clutter in your hallway closet may be more useful than you think. With the right inspiration, you can breathe new life into some of the most underappreciated items around your home.