November 27, 2018

5 Party Planning Tips for Your Hubby’s Birthday

Some guys say they don’t like a lot of fuss on their birthday. Who are they kidding? Everyone likes to be celebrated on their special day, even husbands in denial. From music to gaming and parties in the great outdoors, when you plan a themed birthday party for your husband that celebrates his interests, he’s guaranteed to love it.

Classic Game Night

No matter how old a man gets, he still likes to relive his glory days, and the same holds true for old-school gamers. Help him relive his youth when you throw an old-fashioned LAN-themed birthday party. Ask your guests to bring their modems and monitors like in the old days, or just have everyone bring their own controller and a headset. Hook up a projector so everyone can watch the action.

You can even set up several different stations around a venue with classic game consoles like classic SEGA, Nintendo, and even Atari. Decorate with their favorite characters, get a character cake, and be sure to stock up on old-school snacks and sodas. Thanks to his game-night birthday celebration, your husband will feel years younger.

Plan a Poker Party

If he loves games of chance, a poker-themed birthday party is sure to please. Invite all the guys from his weekly poker night, along with their families. Let the guys play a few rounds, and meanwhile, you can entertain the kids with their own fun casino-style games. It’s a fun chance to spend time together, teaching them how to play blackjack, playing for candy instead of poker chips.

For an adults-only spin on the theme, ask guests to bring their laptops or tablets. Serve up some tasty beers and classic cocktails, cue up the casino-style playlist, and have fun gaming together online from the comfort of home.

Go Outside to Celebrate

If he’s the active type, he will love a party that takes place outside. You can rent or reserve a shelter at a local park for a family and friends barbecue, or organize a group outing to camp, fish, or hike. Pack some easily transportable brownies or make s’mores for his birthday around a roaring campfire and decorate your campground with fun streamers, lanterns, and candles.

Dance and Sing All Night

If he’s a music lover or a party animal, throw him a retro dance party or throwback prom night. Hire your own DJ (or really great oldies playlist), and set up in a basement or a rented venue. Decorate in a classic cheesy prom theme, like Under the Sea,  A Night in Paris, or something funny that incorporates his name, for example, “New Wave Night with Dave.” Decade-themed parties are even more fun when guests dress for the era.

If he’s a singer, consider getting a karaoke machine. Serve up some punch (spiked, for adults only), and tasty snacks. Whether he prefers 90s R&B, has a shameless love of boy bands, or likes to show off his best moonwalk or YMCA, you can mix it up all night long and watch him bust a move. Be sure to capture all the silly moments with a photo booth or designate a photographer.

Plan a Low-Key Party

Quiet, introverted husbands might not want a lot of spotlight, but they still like to be celebrated. Invite a few close friends over for pizza night, enjoy a round of cake, ice cream, and gift opening, then settle in for a movie marathon of his favorite sci-fi or fantasy programs. This party format is also easy to turn into a small-scale surprise party. All you need are some accomplices to help distract him while you decorate and set up your home and get all his closest friends in the door, unnoticed.

It’s not hard to plan an entertaining and memorable birthday party for your husband when you think about what he likes to do. Get creative and be ready for fun on his big day.