December 12, 2018

5 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Are you hoping to leave a lasting impression at your wedding reception? From themed parties to alternative forms of entertainment, the modern reception often delivers memorable touches your guests won’t soon forget. If you want people to still be talking about your wedding on your 25th anniversary, take a cue from the following unique wedding reception ideas.

Set Up a Whiskey Bar

Do you and the groom love your whiskey? Don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite booze in your reception. Having a whiskey bar invites guests to sample whiskey on the rocks or in a classic cocktail. Keep the cocktail menu simple with drinks such as the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned, and the Boulevardier. You can also have a tasting bar with labels that describe each whiskey, including the number of years the whiskey was aged and each distillery’s location.

Even if the bride isn’t a fan of whiskey, the groom can still embrace his favorite drink with a groom’s whiskey bar. A whiskey bar also serves as an attractive location for the groom’s cake.

Create a Photo Booth

Encourage guests to snap a few shots to remember your reception with a retro-inspired photo booth. The best photo booth will include good lighting, a lively backdrop, a curtain, and a few props such as tiny mustaches on sticks.

If you don’t mind providing your own tablet or Polaroid camera for a selfie booth, be sure to print clear instructions for guests to make sure they know that you want them to use it. One fun idea is having a photo guest book station. Guests can take their own selfies using a provided camera and leave their well wishes for the happy couple.

Establish a Disco Theme

Did you and your fiance fall in love during a viewing of “Saturday Night Fever”? Or were you both born in the wrong decade and wish you’d lived through America’s most memorable urban nightlife era? Either way, you don’t need an excuse to throw a disco-themed wedding reception.

Choose a playlist featuring the best disco songs ever written and liven up the venue with dancer silhouette cutouts, disco balls, multicolored lights, and an LED dancing floor.

Go for a Casino Theme

If you want to create an exciting atmosphere with a touch of glamour, consider a casino theme. Take a cue from Vegas and set up miniature blackjack, roulette, and poker tables for guests to enjoy with personalized funny money or poker chips. You can indicate each table’s number using framed playing cards, use dice or card suit place card holders, and send guests home with gifts packed in dice-shaped favor boxes.

Hosting a casino-themed reception also gives you an excuse to get creative with the food and drinks. For example, you can serve Shrimp Dean Martinis, Black Jack Chicken, and Poker Face Cocktails.

Hire a Tattoo Artist

Many couples are hiring unique service providers to set up at their wedding and create memorable favors for guests. While the list varies from calligraphers to caricaturists, hiring a tattoo artist is a way to give guests a temporary keepsake from your big day.

Wedding tattooists aren’t exactly mainstream, but if you know a talented tattoo artist willing to set up shop (so to speak) and tattoo guests during the reception, go for it. You can collaborate with the artist on minimalist design concepts to create a simple tattoo menu. If guests want a more detailed design, they can book a separate session with the artist after the event.

You won’t find a shortage of ideas for creating a memorable wedding reception that stands out from the crowd. The key is to embrace an idea that speaks volumes about you as a couple and run with it. Trust us, guests will be raving about your reception long after it’s over.