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    Expired GOSSIP SLOTS MOBILE CASINO - $10 No Deposit Bonus

    I used the link and got 25 free spins, won $14 but have to dep to play it
  2. trishobryan

    Bingo Knights

    I hit this with the free $100 chip from site outages. Cashable for $200--better than nothing but I would much rather have the $17,000.....but I will be ok with the $200! LOL  
  3. trishobryan


    <a href="http://platinum-info.com/ContactUs.aspx?user=trish.obryan@yahoo.com&Mailid=909" ></a><table style="width:326px;" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">Hi Patricia <a href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Platinum-Reels-Online-Casino/232275740210690?user=trish.obryan@yahoo.com&Mailid=909"...
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    OMG WOW! I am such a blonde today! The code is PRTHW20 sorry ya'll!
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    Platinum Reels has 20 free spins on Tomahawk @ $0.01 X 2 coins!Good Luck!
  6. trishobryan

    Ocean Fantasy

    Just about to give it up and then.....  :roll::surprise:  
  7. trishobryan

    \Music is Life.\ Post your favorite Music Videos Here.

    [video=http://youtu.be/0UIB9Y4OFPs]http://youtu.be/0UIB9Y4OFPs-- Edited by Mben on Monday 22nd of April 2013 09:30:07 PM
  8. trishobryan

    Looking for some Mommy advice.........

    I thought that maybe with her being 27 the maturity levels might match up, since he is way beyond the 19yr old kids around. I was SO wrong, she dropped himoff about a month ago and told him she didn't know if she was gonna come back and get him or not, obviously I gave her too much credit. He...
  9. trishobryan

    Players Rewards Card

    I just received my 2nd Players Reward Card, and I was also told it was just like a CCdep, so I used it with a no restrictions bonus too, although I didn't have any luck withit at all, CONGRATS tking1! That was an awesome win!
  10. trishobryan

    Looking for some Mommy advice.........

    I am looking for a little advice, so I thought I would just ask a random question and hope forsomething positive to help out. My oldest son moved out last year, the first to move outwithout being an 18yr old runaway trying to make a point. He was so careful to be respectful,and leave in a way so...