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Recent content by Van7Diesel

  1. Van7Diesel

    "Music is Life" - Share Your Favorite Music Videos

    50 years)))) It is a trifle).:elephant:
  2. Van7Diesel

    "Music is Life" - Share Your Favorite Music Videos

    Here's what I found :
  3. Van7Diesel

    Hello everyone! I'm a fan of slot machines

    Mimi!!! Where are you? Mimi come back!:kitty:
  4. Van7Diesel

    Your favorite slots!

    :tail: Hello!!!! Slot "Book of dead " Play’n GO. I often win recently in this slot . Mimi :run:where you? :punt: I was very busy ! Mimi33, Try this slot! Mben, hello!
  5. Van7Diesel

    How are you feeling today?

    Iver!You scared me so strong) I am looking for this broom in the closet! Until I found it. But I'm looking all the time)! I keep thinking where my Кate hides her broom.)
  6. Van7Diesel

    How are you feeling today?

    Hello! Dear! Forgive me for the long absence.But Many things were done! Yes, and the girlfriend appeared . A girl takes a lot of time)! But at last I learned to live with it) Now the time has come, and I can play a little in the online casino and chat on the forum for my own pleasure! Mimi I'm...
  7. Van7Diesel


    Happy New Year!
  8. Van7Diesel

    Do you prefer online or live poker ?

    Guys hi!I tried to play live poker for the first time.It was great.True, I played with friends and we were playing small bets, like penny slots)))). I got received a lot of pleasure .!It was very fun to keep a poker face when it comes to good cards)!
  9. Van7Diesel

    "Music is Life" - Share Your Favorite Music Videos

    And another hit from the group "AC/DC/")
  10. Van7Diesel


  11. Van7Diesel

    A Love Story ..

  12. Van7Diesel

    Hysterical Pictures....

    PSP Is he a big ham like this?Or more ?:maddance:
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