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'4 Digit Lucky Pick' Explained


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In case an explanation is needed...

Because we always ask for a 4 digit lucky pick with your contest entries, here's what that means...

A four digit lucky pick is 4 numbers of your choosing. We compare them to the State of Florida's lottery numbers drawn on whichever day the contest specifies to determine who our contest winner(s) will be.

For instance, if the FL lotto number is 4568 and you posted 4579 as your lucky pick with your contest entry. Another member posted 4001. You'd be the winner because you were closest to the lotto number than the other member. We'd compare all member's lucky picks to determine the winner(s). Rarely are there just 2 participants in any given contest.

And your 4 digit pick can go over the lotto numbers as in my example.

I hope this makes it easier to understand what is needed for contest entries and will bring on more participation.



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This isn't a thread where you post lucky picks. It's a thread that explains what a lucky pick is for those of you who are new to the forum and have never entered any of our contests. Currently we are not running any contests, but look for one in February.

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