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Always Avoid The Three Card Monte

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Jewels, Aug 27, 2014.

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    Always Avoid The Three Card Monte

    By Amberly Ashton

    If you have ever visited Las Vegas you probably know what The Three Card Monte is and why you should always avoid it. You will usually find this card game consisting of three playing cards set up on high trafficked street corners or sidewalks near a casino. It is a scam and nothing else! When the person operating the game sets their sights on you their goal is to get you to place a bet on this unbeatable game. He is not the only one playing along either. There are usually two other scam artist pretending to be members of the audience. They help lure you in and once that happens you can kiss your money goodbye!

    Normally they hook you in by offering you a free bet. Trust me, they know exactly what they're doing so don't fall for it. The game set up consist of three cards. You are shown all three cards and told to keep your eyes on particular card. He will move the cards around on his make shift table and you will be fooled every single time. Keep in mind, the dealer will let you win the first hand because they know that's all it takes to have you betting your own money. See I told you not to fall for it!

    Now here is where the deception comes into play and your odds of winning go down to zero. You can watch the cards as closely as you can but you will never ever have the correct answer. The dealer will move the cards around in his hands right in front of you. He will lay them down and move them around on the table. Your card is never in the position it is supposed to be in and if you watch the video below you can see how he pulls this deceptive trick off.

    His helpers in the audience will play as well and they will win every time. If you happened to bet when they did, you will lose because they will always bet a dollar amount higher than you and the dealer will say that he wins because his bet was the highest. These games draw in a crowd but if you ever see one you must resist the urge to stop and watch. The workers in the audience may also rob you blind just for being an innocent bystander, by pick-pocketing your wallet, watch, etc. They know what they're doing and your belongings will be gone before you know it. So the next time you're in Vegas and you see The Three Card Monte in play, just smile as you walk down the street with your money intact.

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