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Are You Addicted To Facebook?

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Sookie, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. Sookie

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    Are You Addicted To Facebook?
    By Christina Applebaum

    I remember not so long ago when I didn't even know what Facebook was. And I also remember when you had to be at home to access Facebook or at the very least near a PC because cell phones weren't capable of such things yet. I suppose those can be considered the good old days because now you can update your Facebook status anytime from anywhere.

    I wouldn't say I myself have a Facebook problem but I know some people who do. Are you one of them? Here are some signs you should watch for that could indicate a Facebook addiction.

    Amount Of Time Spent On Facebook

    I'm no expert but I spend a total of an hour maybe and hour and a half a day on Facebook. While I'll admit that seems like a lot I feel I am in the safe zone. If you spend hours a day on Facebook you may have a problem. Or worse yet, find yourself feeling there aren't enough hours in the day and start to sacrifice sleep for more Facebook time, you may want to re-examine things.

    How Bad Do You NEED Those "Likes"?

    How much time do you take deciding what you want to say in your post? And after you post it how often do yo check back to see what comments it has gotten? Or to see how many people have "Liked" it? Are you devastated when you post doesn't elicit a response? I'd say this behavior is a pretty big red flag that you are relying on Facebook far too much. Turn off the computer and as our mothers used to say to us..."Go play outside!" Seriously, if you haven't been outside in a while I'll let you in on something...the graphics are amazing!

    And finally...

    Status Updates

    Are you updating you status constantly? Are these updates stuff that people would actually be interested in? Or are your updates just to tell us you are making pancakes, or cutting your toenails? If you are, I'm going to let you in on a little secret...no one cares about your toenails! Knock it off, it's weird.

    So do you know someone like this? Are you someone like this? I'd love to here your thoughts on this topic.

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