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\Be Kind\ - Two Simple Words To Live By

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Mben, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Mben

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    "Be Kind" - Two Simple Words To Live By

    By Lola Smith

    "Be kind". Two very simple words that have such a profound impact on people's lives. What do they mean? "Be kind" is a statement that means treat people the way you would like to be treated. Whether it is holding the door open for somebody, lending a listening ear or volunteering for a charity group. Being kind can also be conveyed by just a smile given to a stranger.

    As we all go on with our daily lives, we are so caught up in our routines and the hustle and bustle that is all around us. We are so focused on our lives that we sometimes don't see the sorrow, worries and heartbreaks on the faces of others. We do not know what is going on in their lives nor is it really none of our business most of the time especially if they are strangers. So imagine the feeling a person who might be down in the dumps will feel when somebody looks their way and gives them a heartfelt smile. It could bring a sense of hope to that person that all is not lost or that brighter days are just ahead.

    Random acts of kindness could include holding an umbrella over an elderly person as they exit a fast food restaurant as a rain shower approaches. Offering a coworker a fresh cup of hot coffee is another random act of kindness. Lending a hand out of the blue to someone you see struggling with whatever it may be will be welcomed with open arms in most cases.

    Life is so full of selfishness, meanness and sadness. We all know that when there are tragic emergencies that arise, we should be caring enough to render aid to those who may be in need. A story that sticks out in my head recently is one where there was a horrific accident on one of the freeways in the United States. A vehicle was totally engulfed in flames in which passengers were burning alive in it. The report states that while there were people who were trying to help the unfortunate victims, there were others who were standing around the ball of fire video taping it with their cell phones. This situation is extreme, but what happened to the kindness? What happened to rendering aid to those who are in the greatest need at that moment? Have we become so numb to the tragedies around us that we cannot acknowledge tragedies anymore? Do we not realize that there are human beings suffering in the most horrible way anyone can imagine?

    Being kind can be shown through the most simplest tasks or through the most heroic acts but either way, the recipient will take it to heart. If it goes unnoticed, one should not worry about that. Knowing that you chose to be kind to another human being will bring you great joy. The acts of kindness that are given anonymously such as donating to charities, food banks and such have no faces for one to see but within your heart, you will know that you brightened up somebody's day.

    Why not wake up each morning and make the first words uttered from your mouth the following ..."be kind"? And then holding yourself to those two simple words and going about the rest of your day living those words. The impact it will have on you will be more then you expect.
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  2. Jewels


    Oh my goodness! You're article is so refreshing! I always give a smile to strangers and hold the door open for someone even when they just walk through it like no door existed. I learned a long time ago a smile goes a long way. When I am having a bad day or in a hurry I don't let others see that. When I take the time to do something so simple as to smile or say a word or two it not only changes someone else's day....it changes mine as well.

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