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BetAnySports Casino


I wanted to give a shout out to BetAnySports. I was a big Five Dimes fan due to ease and quickness of payouts and when they closed to USA their RTG casino moved over to BetAnySports. The RTG had the best comp program I have ever seen, sadly BetAnySports had a recent renovation and closed the RTG casino, though they still have sports betting and the BetSoft casino. They will be adding a few more casino lines soon, hopefully another RTG. Anyway they have a super simple verification process and the fastest payouts I have ever had. You only have 2 choices really for deposting, Moneygram or BTC, but with BTC you will have payouts normally the same day. They don't slow pay, they try to mess with you at all. I have had $5K payouts in 8 hours. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Have Fun!
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Cool, @GeenaL

I did delete the link only because NDF does not endorse them.

Thanks for your post!
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I also play at BetAnySports frequently. Although BetAnySports is not a licensed bookmaker in the United States, they cannot legally offer services to any United States customers. You need to know
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