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Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by krystalkitty, May 2, 2011.

  1. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler



    No trial. No politics. No drama. No prison term. No ransom demands. No wasting any more time. Killed and the body simply unceremoniously dumped out of a helicopter into the ocean. Simple. Clean. Easy. Cost effective.......NICE!
  3. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    Hope the sharks enjoyed their meal......
  4. PSP

    PSP Ruler of Western Civilization's Geeky Nerds

    Tasted like chicken ... [​IMG]
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  5. mrp828

    mrp828 MEMBER

    I know that this will not bring back my brother and the thousands of brave servicemen and women who have given their lives to keep us safe, I want you to know that your  efforts were not in vain. We are a country built on freedom and independence and we have not, and will not give up the foundation that has made the United States of America the greatest country in the world. Many many lives have been lost in the proccess, and for that it humbles me to thank the men and women who are fighting to keep us safe with our families, and the ones who gave their lives for us, my family and I will be forever gratefull for your bravery and unselfishness. God bless you, and God bless America, cause we are truly the land of the free and the home of the brave.
  6. PSP

    PSP Ruler of Western Civilization's Geeky Nerds

    Thank you - that was beautiful.
  7. 13mar13


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  8. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

     That was truely beautiful...Thank you for it.GOD BLESS AMERICA.                                                                                     Pam
  9. Brenda777


    Amen to that, our servicemen deserve so much, God bless them and let's always keep them in our prayers!
  10. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    That was a very heart felt post, mrp. Thank you. And many, many more Thank You's to all my fellow Americans who have sacrificed their lives to keep the people of the United States of America safe.
  11. LIMODANE55


    S E A L ' D AND D E L I V E R E D
  12. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

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  13. davidkohcg

    davidkohcg THEME PARK PLAYER

    God bless those who fight terrorism.
  14. crazyashell

    crazyashell CRAZY ROLLER

    The people who gathered Sunday in the Situation Room know all about high-pressure situations. But this was something else. For 40 minutes, the President and his senior aides could do nothing but watch the video screens and listen to the operation and ensuing firefight on the other side of the world. At Barack Obama's orders, special operations teams were invading the airspace of a foreign country, targeting a compound with unknown occupants, and hoping to get out unscathed. The target was America's No. 1 enemy, Osama bin Laden. But no one knew for sure if he was even there.The President sat stone-faced through much of the events. Several of his aides, however, were pacing. For long periods of time, nobody said a thing, as everyone waited for the next update. In the modern age, Presidents can experience their own military actions like a video game, except that they have no control over the events. They cannot, and would not, intervene to contact the commanders running the operation. So when word came that a helicopter had been grounded, a sign that the plan was already off course, the tension increased. (See pictures of Osama bin Laden's Pakistan hideout.)Minutes later, more word came over the transom. We've IDed Geronimo, said a disembodied voice, using the agreed-upon code name for America's most wanted enemy, Osama bin Laden. Word then came that Geronimo had been killed. Only when the last helicopter lifted off some minutes later did the President know that his forces had sustained no casualties. (See pictures of people celebrating Osama bin Laden's death.)The decision to attack had been made days earlier by the President. He gathered his senior intelligence, military and diplomatic team together in the Situation Room on Thursday afternoon to hear his options. There were already concerns about operational security. At that point, hundreds of people had already been read into the potential whereabouts of bin Laden. Any leak would have ruined the entire mission.The intelligence professionals said they did not know for sure that bin Laden was in the compound. The case was good, but circumstantial. The likelihood, officials told the President, was between 50% and 80%. No slam dunk. Obama went around the table asking everyone to state their opinion. He quizzed his staff about worst case scenarios - the possibility of civilian casualties, a hostage situation, a diplomatic blow-up with Pakistan, a downed helicopter. He was presented with three options: Wait to gather more intelligence, attack with targeted bombs from the air, or go in on the ground with troops. The room was divided about 50-50, said a person in the room. John Brennan, the President's senior counter-terrorism adviser, supported a ground strike, as did the operational people, including Leon Panetta at the CIA. Others called for more time. In the end, about half of the senior aides supported a helicopter assault. The other half said either wait, or strike from above. (See TIME's al-Qaeda covers.)Obama left the meeting without signaling his intent. He wanted to sleep on it. At about 8:00 a.m. on Friday, just before he boarded a helicopter that would take him to tour tornado damage in Alabama, Obama called his senior aides into the Diplomatic Room. He told them his decision: A helicopter assault. At that point, the operation was taken out of his hands. He was trusting the fate of his presidency to luck. He was putting his presidency in the hands of history.(See TIME's Full Coverage of Osama bin Laden's Death.)View this article on Time.com

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