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Casino Winnings Seized For Back Child Support

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Jewels, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Casino Winnings Seized For Back Child Support

    By Amberly Ashton

    If you're owed back child support keep your fingers crossed that your baby's Father gambles at any Iowa casino! Why would you wish that when he owes thousands in back pay? Because the state of Iowa has wised up and are fighting back! Anyone who owes child support, back taxes or court debts have a good chance of getting their casino, race track and lottery winnings forfeited.

    The way they see it is if the gambler doesn't have money to pay these outstanding debts then they shouldn't have extra cash to gamble. This rule doesn't count for smaller wins of $1,200 or less but when it is over that amount they can pretty much kiss their jackpot goodbye! The first thing Iowa does when jackpot winnings are above the $1,200 is run the winner's name through a database before paying out the jackpot. If the search comes back and shows they owe any of the above debts their winnings are seized and used to pay any debts that are outstanding. Imagine the disappointment of getting your winning taken away? Now imagine the Mom who has struggled to support her children for years all by herself without any child support? Picture the look on her face when she gets the call that thousands of dollars will soon be hers and the reason why.

    Just in a couple of years since this program took affect over 4,000 gamblers have had some portion of their winnings taken away and Iowa has collected over 5 million in unpaid debts! When other states saw the impact that a simple database search provided many of them have since come on board and follow the same rules regarding winnings. Colorado is one of the states who took up the same program Iowa had so much success with. They have now including bad debt, student loans that are in default and even parking tickets on state property to the list of debts that can be confiscated from winnings! They collected over $2.6 million in their second year of putting this program in affect.

    Along with Iowa and Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, New Mexico, West Virginia, Mississippi and New Jersey are some of the states who have also opted in. Hopefully, one day Las Vegas will be included as well but that would be a hard bill to pass. Now instead of being angry and wishing misfortune on your Ex, be glad they are gambling. Honestly, if they weren't paying their child support before, their gambling is probably not the reason they weren't paying it. They would just be spending their money on something else. Maybe one day, they will hit that big jackpot which would mean you hit that big jackpot!
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