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Classic Slot vs Video Slots

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Jewels, Jun 27, 2014.

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    Classic Slots vs Video Slots

    By Amberly Ashton

    When you walk into a casino you are surrounded by the multitude of slot machines, both classic slots and video slots. Slot machines make up 80% of all casino revenue. You probably already have your preference of which kind of slots you prefer to play. If you have never ventured out of your comfort zone I encourage you to do so.

    Classic slots and video slots have different betting options. Classic slots are quite popular with players who want a simple way to play. They have three reels and normally one payline. Some offer three, five or even nine playlines but they are still quite easy for novice players to understand. You can normally play up to five coins on classic slot machines. You don't have the difficulty of figuring out if you have a winning combination or not. You either push the spin button or pull the lever and let the coins fall where they may. Video slots, like classic slots, have five reels but offer many more playable lines per spin. Some machines only have nine lines while other machines can have a hundred or more lines. This set up can prove to be confusing to the traditional classic slot player. When betting you have the option to bet as many lines or however many coins per line you would like. Playing on video slots will have more payouts during play but unlike classic slots, you don't always win at least what you bet per spin.

    Classic slots are straight forward. What you see is what you get. You pull the reel and hope for a winning combination. There are some classic slots that do offer a bonus feature such as free re-spins, such as the Haywire slot machine but normally you just pay per spin. You have probably noticed the Wheel of Fortune slot machines at casinos. Normally, you have to wait for a vacant machine because these are a favorite with both classic and video slot players. They offer the best of both worlds. If you bet the max amount of coins, which is usually three, you have a chance to spin the wheel or possibly hit the progressive jackpot. Spinning the wheel offers an added element of excited to this classic machine. If you get the bonus whatever amount the spinner stops on is added to your credits. Die hard classic slot players usually don't venture too far from this kind of machine. This is as close as they typically get to a video slot machine.

    Video slots offer multipliers, scatter symbols, bonus features and free spin. It seems these machines are harder to get at a casino because of the low amount of bet required to play. When you do find an available machine you are usually greeted with an animated story that pulls you in right from the very beginning. Your bankroll will last longer on video slots versus classic slots as long as you don't max bet each spin. Another reason for this is because of the time it takes for the bonus feature to be played. While your enjoying the bonus or free spins the casino is not receiving money from you. They recoup this lost income by offering much higher bets per line. Even though you can win a great deal betting the maximum amount, if you don't watch and limit yourself you will be down to a zero balance in no time. Video slots seem to offer more for your money. These machines have incredible sound, amazing 3-D graphics and thrilling interaction for the player.

    Whether you exclusively play classic slots or video slots, the casinos, both online and land based, give you a wide variety to choose from. If you strictly play classic slots I would suggest you try a video slot at least once in your lifetime. Once you understand the paylines, payouts and bonus features you just may be hooked. Both video slots and classic slots give you the feeling of anticipation waiting for a good payout or bonus and the feeling of pleasure that is unbeatable.
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