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Cool Photography - Get Creative With Your Camera

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Mben, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Cool Photography - Get Creative With Your Camera

    By Lola Smith

    Experimenting with photography is the most fun you can have when trying to create works of art. If you don't get too caught up in it, that is. There are times when your photos do not turn out the way you want but other times you come up with some real beauties that make you want to go beyond what you know. Point and Shoots can create some great shots just as well as a SLR. Here are some pointers for you to get your creative side flowing.

    Dreamy Water Effect

    When trying to capture a dreamy water affect you will need a tripod and camera that has a slow shutter speed. Try the "night" mode if you do not have a speed of 1/30 or slower. All you need to do is place your camera on the tripod, set the slow speed and shoot.

    Blur and Movement

    Intentionally adding blur and movement in your photos is an interesting concept especially when you are use to taking still shots. Set your camera and tripod up in the same way when capturing the dreamy affect. Be sure to choose 1/30 or slower speed or night mode. Now look for an object that is stationary with moving objects around it. Examples would be a child in front of a swing set with children swinging. Or maybe a house with people moving around in it. What about a dog catching a frisbee at the park? Catch him flying in the air with a tree in the background. The possibilities are endless.

    Angles and Perspectives

    Ever notice that we tend to look down more than we look up? Try looking up a little more. You will be surprised at all the different designs on objects like buildings you never noticed in the past. On the other hand, ever get down on the ground to take some shots? This will give you a totally different view on a lot of objects. Once your on the ground give it a real close look. You may find patterns on the ground you never noticed before. Also, once one the ground take some shots looking up.

    Portrait Setting for other Shots

    When shooting portraits the object is to get your subject in focus and the background out of focus. The wide aperture in the portrait mode accomplishes this, Now think beyond capturing people. You could snap shots of an arrangement of flowers or a hot cup of coffee. You need to make sure the object you are taking the shot of is closer to you than the background so there needs to be some distance between the subject and the background.


    Find a tree or flower that you would like to get a silhouette of. Also make sure you do this on a sunny day and that your camera can measure light of the sky and not the object. You will then need to get very low to the ground and take an upwards shot. You should end up with a silhouette of the object and one great picture. If you choose sunset to take your photos, make sure the subject is between you and the sun. Make sure the camera is set for sky exposure and snap away. A skyline would be a great first start when attempting a silhouette.

    Color or Subject

    Try capturing shots of objects that are all the same color or various shades of that color. Or you could take a lot of shots of similar subjects such as flowers or hands and paws. See where we are going with this? Print off about 9 of them and arrange them all together. Proudly display your work of art on a wall for all to see!

    Explore an Object Arrange photos in the order you snapped them while capturing all angles of a object or subject.

    Collect Photos Do you have a special "something" that you collect? If so, why not take photos of them? If you travel and have to bring home a special souvenir you could take pictures of them just as well. Then start a photo album of your favorite collectibles with your wonderful photos! You might not take home slice of pizza from Italy as a souvenir but you could take home a picture of it. That would be a special album to show your friends. Call it Pizza of the World! Of course that is just a suggestion. There are millions of things that you could collect in your photo collection. All you need is an imagination and creativity. And no bubble wrap required to bring it home.
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    Nice informational article! Makes me want to buy a new camera so I can do all those cool tricks! lol

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