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Craps And Roulette Beliefs

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Jewels, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Jewels


    Craps And Roulette Beliefs

    By Amberly Ashton

    In a previous article I explained the superstition of lucky charms. Today I am going to discuss superstitious beliefs and two popular gambling games. It seems gamblers are drawn more to games that they don't have much control over. Two of these games are craps and roulette. Most gamblers raise their bet when they get that special "feeling". We've all done it and some rely solely on these feelings. In some players their beliefs take over and almost rule the game.

    When shooting craps gamblers completely believe in superstitions when it comes to rolling the dice or die. A main belief is that you're luck will not be good if you toss the dice from one hand to another before rolling. When they want a seven to be rolled some believe they have to say the word "seven" out loud to get the result they are wanting. While others will say "big red" which is another way to say seven without stating it. If one or both dice go off the table during a roll it is believed that they are now tainted and a new set of dice should be used to prevent bad luck. If the dice are not swapped out the roller has to hurry and roll them again immediately. I have never played craps in a casino but I will keep these tips in mind when I finally do.

    Roulette is another casino game I have never played before but it also seems to have strong superstitious beliefs surrounding it as well. Even though most gamblers pick their favorite lucky number, it has no chance of coming up more than any other number. The biggest myth in roulette is that future spins can be predicted based on the previous spins. This to is just a superstition. Some may be quite successful in their gambler endeavors while believing their superstitions. Since both games give the player very little control, what could this hurt?
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