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Discussion in 'DEAL OF THE DAY - FOR NEW AND EXISTING PLAYERS' started by Mben, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member



    The following offers are available at Club World

    50 Free Spins for new and existing players (existing players who have never claimed this code)

    Free Spins Bonus Code - DOTDCWC
    50 Free Spins on T-Rex
    Slots only
    30x wagering
    Max cashout $100
    Valid only on 04/03/2015 only

    65% Deposit Bonus for new and existing players (can be claimed again even if claimed last month)

    Deposit Bonus Code - DOTDCWC65
    65% deposit offer
    25x deposit only
    No max cashout
    Slots only
    Valid only on 04/03/2015 only

    Club World is an RTG online casino that accepts players from the USA
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  2. flaflash99

    flaflash99 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    This is a great code and I did make a deposit the last time as per there T@C... Although we dont always agree or follow them precisely as stated who can remember everything or a corporate legal degree to fully understand them . So when a player finds a stable casino group with an overall ratings in the top ten when in doubt pull the keyboard out . Ask customer service not that they are more informed then a seasoned player but always much easier to rest at night knowing if an issue were to arise from a cashout attempt on any bonus because all those transcripts can be retrieved by the casino.... And any legitimate casino will stand by what information they gave you and can assure you they will get it right the next time ... Changing the subject I have to laugh while in search of the next days wages { a good no deposit bonus} I have encountered codes that are available to anyone and the place they came from has only one very simple rule come stop by say hello log in or not log in join not join do what ever makes You comfortable only PLEASE DO NOT SHARE ON OTHER FORUMS . Then after reading some other forums and people are giving thanks to a Hi-Jacker what is this world coming to what ever happened to common courtesy.I am no saint by no means but i can look you in the eye and know I done nothing wrong .
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  3. flaflash99

    flaflash99 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    P.S. Thank you great bonus
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  4. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Thanks flaflash, great advice in the beginning and thanks for the support in the end, please feel free to comment on our behalf whenever the spirit moves you to do so, I myself have been trying to take the high road, not that the high road was my first choice but voicing our opinion over such matters didn't work out so well. We really didn't enjoy being painted as the vilian over it. We really appreciate our loyal members and we know you are one of them ;)
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  5. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Well said ..... both of you. :bigclap:

    The "hi-jacking" will never stop but at least they could have the courtesy to place our forum link in their blog posts so their members can come here to claim our awesome DOTD's that apply to new players. As we know, casinos require a new player to download from a specific affiliate link in order to claim an affiliate specific bonus.

    If their member clicks on their casino link on their blog, a cookie may possibly be placed on their PC and even though they end up here to download and install the casino from here, it's too late. They are shit out of luck when it comes to redeeming our exclusive code because they won't be tagged to NDF.

    Instead of asking them to quit sharing our DOTD's on other forums, I'd just rather ask that they give ALL the details of our bonuses so their members can make better decision as to where to download from.

    What they are doing over there is not doing their possible new player members any good. smh
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  6. Suckafish

    Suckafish NEW MEMBER

    I 100% agree! It always pisses me off when I see these codes posted on other forums! Especially when you know the person who posted that code has been around long enough to know how exclusive codes work! They arnt posting to help others on that forum their selfishly posting because it will get them a few more points in hopes of winning the forum's monthly contest! Grrrrrrr..... :angry:
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  7. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    How right you are. At least the courtesy of acknowledging they got it off another forum is not much to ask. It doesn't help when the impertinent poster pleads innocence.

    They tried to make me out as the bad person for calling attention to the fact that the posted code was asked specifically not to be posted elsewhere. I like a forum to have a nice community of respect and that's why I post and participate at a select few. If I want to try every code possible, I know where to go.

    Posting a thank you? Best to choose my fights wisely and stay chillymellow because ignorant people shut up when they think they have you fooled. I've been caught up in battles online in the past and its not pleasant. So thank you, you know who you are, keep trying to win that prize.
  8. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Sorry if you got villainized for speaking out on our behalf. We do appreciate it though. However we do not want you to be picked on over it. Sorry they gave you a hard time for trying to do the right thing, (they aren't very nice over there are they?:lol:) I think that is what surprised Mben and I the most when it all started. I think we just expected them to respond the way we would have if the situation was reversed. :confuse:
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  9. flaflash99

    flaflash99 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I am used to battles elsewhere its here i enjoy my peace
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  10. flaflash99

    flaflash99 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Dont i know so well as I tried to link a friend of mine while he was visiting from Hawaii and signed up from what i knew was this site but ended up not being linked at all probably didnt clear my cashe/cookies sad b/c the casino I wanted him to be linked to this site really gives lots of chips to players linked here
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  11. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    You really do need to watch the cookies. I recently found out I'm not signed up through NDF for one of my casinos which is a real surprise since I only use our links. It had to be a cookie thing and I of all people knew better so it is my own fault.
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