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How To Protect Yourself From Facebook Scams

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Jewels, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Jewels


    How To Protect Yourself From Facebook Scams

    By Amberly Ashton

    As a nation we have come accustomed to using facebook to communicate with family and reconnect with old friends. We enjoy sharing the latest videos and playing our favorite games. Everyday there are new reports of people's facebook profiles being hacked. If you look for the warning signs you can defend yourself from these online predators. It's a shame how some people have nothing better to do then take the pleasure away from an activity most of us use daily.

    Have you logged into your facebook account only to find you have a new friend request from someone you're already friends with? If so, thank twice about clicking the "accept" button! The duplicate request, more times then not, will be from a spammer.

    This scam is the newest ploy hitting facebook. I have had this happen to several of my friends and it's not a pleasant experience. What happens is the scammer will copy your profile picture and use your name to create a new facebook account. Once they do this unbelievably simple sign up process they are all set. They then start asking all of your friends to add them. Your friends have no reason to question the double request. They think it is you and accept them and that is when the nightmare begins. From that moment on they can say and post whatever they want under your name.

    If you have ever received a friend request from someone you're already friends with do not accept it. Instead, take the time and let them know so they can warn others of their situation and report it. It's bad enough scam artist hack your account without your knowledge. Then your friends start asking you why are you posting such post like "how I lost 100 pounds" or explicit content on their page. This new ploy is much easier to maneuver and carryout then having to hack your login information and password.

    Anyone can do this and it all begins when they make a real facebook page in your name. Be careful and always be on the lookout for suspicious behavior on your or your friend's profile. If you see one of your friends post unusual content or you receive a new friend request from them, save them the headache and notify them immediately. They'll thank you in the end and be more likely to return the favor.
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