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How To Stretch Your Casino Deposits

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Jewels, May 30, 2014.

  1. Jewels


    How To Stretch Your Casino Deposit

    Back in the day I would make deposits at my favorite casinos without thinking twice. It was an everyday occurrence. Those were the days! I can no longer be so loose with my money because my financial situation has changed and the cost of living has went up. Now I can only deposit maybe once a month. Now it is more like a special occasion when I do deposit. I always make sure I get the most for my money and do what I can to make my deposit go farther.

    The first step to doing this is check for any and all available promotions. Chances are you will find more than one so you will have to evaluate them carefully to determine which one gives you the most benefits. You can normally find deposit bonuses anytime, either by checking your email, the casino website or by staying connected to a casino forum. My favorite go to forum is No Deposit Forum. They not only offer deposit bonuses but also cash back on eligible casinos and fun contest. If you make a plan of action you could possibly claim a couple of different promotions all on one deposit.

    I really like to take advantage of the 30% Cash Back Program No Deposit Forum has. They have fifteen different casinos you can claim cash back on and you can do this on a weekly basis. They do not require a minimum deposit either. They always have two or three Deposit Contest running as well. For instance, if I make a minimum deposit of $25 I can be entered to win a prize and they allow you to enter as many times as you would like. To get the most for your money all it takes is a little research.

    The fun part is deciding what is important to me and making sure I do what I can to achieve it. I always like to use a deposit bonus of at least 100% but my goal is to try to find a higher one. Last week I had a little extra money and I had remembered that I was sent some excellent promotions from Slots Jungle. I usually try to stick with this casino because I can usually double up on my offers.

    In my email was offered a nice 400% deposit bonus along with 100% cash back! I jumped on the opportunity to use this awesome promotion. Another reason I chose this casino was because I could also claim weekly cash back on my deposit. It's a little like insurance. If you don't make withdrawal you can request 30% cash back. I made a total of five deposits over the course of a few days. Here is how I stacked my promotions.

    First Deposit - $25 - Coupon 400% + 100% Cash Back - Starting Bankroll $125

    Even though I played for a long time my account eventually hit the dreaded triple zeros but was reset at $25 because I claimed the 100% cash back

    Second Deposit - $25 - Coupon 300% + 100% Cash Back on 1st Deposit & 50% Cash Back on 2nd and 3rd Deposit - Starting Bankroll $100

    Of course when I lost my money my gaming was not over because I could claim the 100% cash back so I was back in the action with another free $25

    After using these two massive deposit coupons that I was personally sent I thought I was going to be stuck using the normal coupons located in the casino software. That was not the case because I took the time to scan my emails for any coupons that I could possibly claim. Sometimes I am able to claim the same coupon twice which always makes me happy but it didn't work this time. I wasn't giving up and after trying several different ones and being denied I find one that worked. I was ready to get my game back on and here's what I did next.

    Third Deposit - $30 - Coupon 450% + I still had the 50% Cash Back for my 2nd and 3rd Deposits - Starting Bankroll $165

    My coupon strategies are good but my luck was not. I lived to play another day with $15 I receive for my cash back.

    Fourth Deposit - $21 - Coupon 194% (Standard and found in lobby) - Starting Bankroll $61.74

    You probably guessed it luck was NOT on my side yet again but I claimed the 3rd Deposit 50% cash back and was credited $10.50

    Fifth and Final Deposit - $50 - Coupon 217% + 5 Free Spins - Starting Bankroll $158.50

    I had a massive run of bad luck! Support even comped me a $35 Free Chip for my multiple deposits.

    I wasn't able to cash out on any of my bonuses or deposits so now I was able to claim the 30% Cash Back available on the No Deposit Forum. When I woke up Wednesday morning there was a pretty $45 sitting in my account. This was the final stage in my strategy until my next deposit.

    I don't just make a deposit when the urge hits me but instead I do my homework and maximize my deposits and chances of winning. In total I deposited $151 but I received $614.74 in bonuses and cash back. That gave me $765.74 to play with. That's double what most people play with because I took the time to find the best way to boost my bank roll. Now if I can just find the secret to winning! Even though I lost I feel I was a winner for getting the most for my money.

    Most of us buy stuff that is on sale or use coupons in every day life so why stop there? If you use my suggestions you can play longer and place higher bets. This method gives you are larger bankroll and increases your chances for a cash out which is our main goal.

    By Amberly Ashton
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